Infotech Pension reform: around 20,000 amendments tabled in the Assembly… including 13,000 by LFI

Pension reform: around 20,000 amendments tabled in the Assembly… including 13,000 by LFI

Did you like the 7,000 amendments in committee at the Assembly? You will love the 20,000 amendments in the hemicycle… including nearly 13,000 tabled by La France insoumise. The examination of the pension reform arrives in the hemicycle of the National Assembly from Monday, February 6. And the amendments will be very, very numerous, learned AFP from parliamentary sources this Thursday, February 2.

The pension reform is coming to the Assembly, here is the parliamentary calendar to remember

The figure is however below the 41,000 amendments tabled in 2020 during the previous attempt at pension reform, called “universal” and abandoned during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is even very far from the 2006 record: 137,000 amendments during the debate on the privatization of GDF.

The sequel after the ad

Even if certain amendments could be judged inadmissible, their total number makes uncertain the examination of the text in its entirety, before its transmission to the Senate. The deputies are only entitled to 20 days (from February 6 to 17) to examine the text, and not one more. This will not fail to fuel the trial in obstruction that the presidential camp is already doing on the left.

The right tables 1,250 amendments

The Nupes coalition is particularly pounding article 7 devoted to the postponement of the legal age of departure to 64 years. In total, LFI tabled nearly 13,000 amendments, the ecologists 2,300, the socialists 1,400 and the communists 1,160.

The LRs, which could have a decisive role, carry 1,250 amendments. They have strong expectations on long careers, for which they propose a duration of 43 years of contribution for all those who started working before the age of 21, against 44 years for some in the current reform who started at 20 years old. And they are calling for a review clause for a first assessment of the effects of the reform in 2027.

“Today, the reform as it is presented is no”: what if the right beat a retreat?

There are more than 200 amendments from RN deputies, who are fighting the postponement of the legal age and want in particular to debate the arduousness and measures for the birth rate.

The sequel after the ad

The text in the Senate from February 27

In the majority, the Renaissance elected officials tabled more than 400 amendments, Horizons and the Modem 80 each. The MoDem is also calling for a review clause in 2027 and measures for women.

Pensions: like the shadow of a doubt in the majority

The timetable for examining the reform is constrained by the legislative vehicle chosen by the government: an amending budget for Social Security (PLFSSR). The exchanges in the hemicycle start Monday and must end on February 17 at midnight, so that the text then passes to the Senate.

After the parliamentary break from February 20 to 26, the upper house dominated by the right will examine the text adopted by the National Assembly, or failing that, the initial text of the government, modified by the amendments that the Assembly will have had time to vote. and to which the executive is favourable.

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