Infotech Pension reform: in the split majority, there are those who will not vote for it, those who hesitate and those who criticize

Pension reform: in the split majority, there are those who will not vote for it, those who hesitate and those who criticize

On the tails side, the Renaissance patroness Aurore Bergé affirms that“no voice shall fail” in his group during the vote on the pension reform. On the face side, several elected representatives of the majority announce that they are not satisfied with the current project. Some, like former minister Barbara Pompili, have already announced that they will not vote for the project ” as is “.

Pension reform: how far will the showdown go?

The majority is crossed by tensions, allies of Horizons and the MoDem included. Some deputies are calling for improvements to the text, stating that their votes are not certain. If we add the doubts that persist among Republicans (LR), the possibility of a vote without 49.3 seems to dwindle. Especially since the room for maneuver is small: with LR, the presidential majority has 312 votes, against 289 necessary to adopt the reform, indicates TF1. Each withdrawal will therefore be expensive.

The sequel after the ad

If we are to believe the former boss of La République en Marche (former name of Renaissance) Gilles Le Gendre, the opponents within the presidential party “are not much on a complete majority that supports the project”, he said on Sud Radio on January 20. But the member for Paris also said to himself ” aware […] because we have not yet succeeded in convincing people of the relevance of this reform”. “I am not saying that this reform is right, but it is necessary”, he concluded. A statement immediately interpreted by LFI deputies as the ” acknowledgement “ government lies.

Several refusals to vote for the reform

The deputies of the majority have repeatedly underlined the lack of balance in the text. “We cannot make a reform against the population”for example, said on January 17 on RFI Barbara Pompili, deputy for the Somme. “The idea is not to be against to be against. The idea is not to block: I am in the majority, but the text as it stands today does not seem to me to be balanced enough to be voted on as it stands., assured the former minister. A repeated speech on BFMTV.

President of the party In Common! which has four deputies in the National Assembly, Barbara Pompili could be followed by her partners. Without confirming her position, the deputy of Maine-et-Loire Stella Dupont considered that“at this stage, the account is not there”in an interview with “Ouest France”.

Also within the left wing of the majority, the current Renaissance deputy for Hérault, Patrick Vignal, also announced to the Free lunch » that he does “will not vote” the reform if it did not evolve. On Franceinfo, the former socialist pleaded for measures to be taken in favor of seniors. “France is angry at the moment and I want to extinguish the anger”did he declare.

The sequel after the ad

Luc Rouban: “The mobilization on pensions shows a distrust of the social hierarchy”

MEPs are aware of the abrasiveness of the pension reform. In their constituencies, some are even “worried in view of the mobilization” last Thursday (more than 1 million people demonstrated), underlines a Renaissance parliamentary source.

The right wing also opposes

A few days later, it was part of the right wing of the majority who rose up against the reform, in particular members of the Horizons group – the party of Edouard Philippe. Elected from Finistère, Jean-Charles Larsonneur said to himself “not enthusiastic” in front of the proposed text, in a communiqué posted on social media Monday. “Pending developments, I reserve my vote which is not acquired”he wrote.

Yannick Favennec (Mayenne) for his part declared to reserve his vote pending the debates in the Assembly. “If nothing moves, it will be no for me”, he warned in “Ouest France”. MP for Ille-et-Vilaine, Thierry Benoit agrees: “I will not vote just anything! In my constituency, industrial and agricultural, I rub shoulders with low salaries and small pensions. I make myself the spokesperson for the modest French. The reform will only pass if it is fair and equitable”he warned in the regional daily.

Pension reform: the mirage of the “cagnotte”

If Edouard Philippe assured “totally approve of this reform” and that Horizons will support it, he seems to have left the freedom of choice to the 28 members of his party. “You quote all three of us, but in an internal meeting this Tuesday morning, other colleagues also expressed criticism”said Yannick Favennec.

The sequel after the ad

Macronie annoyed by his allies

The MoDem, historical partner of macronie, is not thrilled by the government project either. The day after the presentation of the text by Elisabeth Borne, on January 10, the first doubts came from François Bayrou. On LCI, the president of the MoDem assured that the project was “improvable” and presented “margins of progress”. “My idea is not to embarrass the government, but to seek a solution in the weeks when this debate will develop”then pleaded the secretary general of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR).

The members of the centrist party then listed the avenues for improvement: increase in employers’ contributions, increase in the weekly working time by half an hour, to 35.5 hours (since abandoned) or even the addition “of a review clause on this reform on 1er January 2028 »said MP Philippe Vigier.

This attitude of questioning rather than support annoys the macronists. “When you have friends like that, you don’t need enemies”, quipped a minister to AFP. Especially since the Prime Minister had urged the parliamentarians of the majority on Tuesday evening to “bringing the team spirit to life” and stay ” United “. “Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons, and all those who want to move our country forward with us, we face together and we will succeed together, because we will remain united”she insisted.

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