Infotech Pension reform: Macron says Parliament can “adjust” the text

Pension reform: Macron says Parliament can “adjust” the text

On the eve of the presentation of the pension reform in the Council of Ministers, Emmanuel Macron affirmed this Sunday ” to wish “ that the government and Parliament can “arrange” the text, while affirming that it was necessary ” to lend “ on the subject.

After a “social time” consultation with the unions, “there is now a political time opening up in the Assembly and it must be respected”underlined the Head of State during a press conference with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, received in Paris. “And so I hope that the government with the parliamentarians in the National Assembly and then in the Senate can work on the text and adjust it”.

The sequel after the ad

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Asked to say whether he intended to maintain at all costs the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, despite strong social mobilization against his project, he refused to “answer on this topic”.

“There has already been an opening”

“I will not replace myself or the government, which will propose” a “project at 64 on Monday at the Council of Ministers”nor in the parliamentary debate ” following “explained the president. “But we know more or less, and even exactly, what our needs are. They are known “he insisted.

He recalled having been elected with a “mandate” to put back the age “to be 65 by 2031”which has already been ” Finished “ following consultations with the social partners and political parties. “There has already been an opening, a change”he argued.

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“But I believe that here, now, you have to be able to move forward and get involved. And that the government can do its job with Parliament, with serenity, the will to convince and to move the country forward”he further pleaded.

Emmanuel Macron, while defending the right to strike and demonstrate, also called for there to be “the least possible nuisance for all our compatriots”.

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