Infotech Pension reform: Marine Le Pen denounces intimidation “manoeuvres” during the debates

Pension reform: Marine Le Pen denounces intimidation “manoeuvres” during the debates

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen, denounced this Monday, February 6 in the evening of “manoeuvres” For “distract” MPs with intimidating voicemails during a vote on pension reform, and said he wanted to file a complaint.

“I want to denounce an extremely serious fact. Four or five of our female MPs have just received a message telling them that one of their children is in hospital. This is therefore a maneuver which aims to prevent or distract the National Rally deputies from their presence to vote for this referendum motion.she lamented in the hemicycle.

The sequel after the ad

“That people dare to use this type of method is lamentable”she lambasted, when the Assembly had to decide on a request for a referendum carried by the RN, hostile to the pension reform. “We are going to find who committed this offense because we are obviously going to file a complaint and have the messages analyzed”then indicated the president of the RN group to the press.

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Marine Le Pen criticized a “particularly disgusting maneuver”with these voice messages addressed to several elected officials, including Anais Sabatini. “Obviously they left the hemicycle devastated before realizing that they had been several to receive these messages […] The goal was to get them away from the hemicycle at the right time..

“Absolutely outrageous”

The President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet (Renaissance), asked Marine Le Pen to give her “a copy of the messages received so that we can look at what is going on”.

Fadila Khattabi (Renaissance), president of the Social Affairs Committee, in turn denounced intimidation. “For once, I am going to completely agree with Ms. Le Pen. At the moment, many of us are receiving intimidation letters, I received one, with threats to our families, our children”she lamented.

The sequel after the ad

“It is absolutely scandalous, we are in a free, democratic Republic, the parliamentarians that we are have no pressure to have regarding a text examination. We should not be intimidated”hammered the Macronist deputy.

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The RN group’s motion, which called for a referendum to challenge the pension reform, was rejected by 272 votes to 101.

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