Infotech Pension reform: Mélenchon accuses Macron of wanting to “turn everything into merchandise”

Pension reform: Mélenchon accuses Macron of wanting to “turn everything into merchandise”

During a harangue to the crowd marching against the pension reform in Paris, Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused Emmanuel Macron this Saturday of wanting “turning our whole existence into a commodity”.

“Be cursed for wanting to transform our whole existence into a commodity (…) to dirty everything, to spoil everything, to reduce everything, to quantify everything”launched the leader of the Insoumis from the roof of the truck of the organizers of the demonstration.

The sequel after the ad

“We are defending the right to live fully and humanely in free time, in self-chosen time. And what do they want to do? What they want to do all the time is to turn any living or inanimate thing into a commodity. »” On strike until retirement ” ? In Paris, demonstrators determined to mobilize over time

“We are going to block society”

According to the former presidential candidate, present alongside the ten or so youth organizations that had called for this march, raising the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 will not “not working one person, I know that”. “It will be more unemployed people, more sick people, and above all less life”he pleaded.

“They say we have to work more, for what? The key to the future is not to produce more, disposable. But produce better, and to do so you have to work less. »Pension reform: how far will the showdown go?

The spokesman of the New Anti-Capitalist Party Olivier Besancenot for his part called on the demonstrators to be “general strike activists. We are going to block society, paralyze the economy”he chanted, while the bill must be presented Monday in the Council of Ministers.

“Something is happening, there is something resembling past mobilizations where we are winning”assured Olivier Besancenot, two days after a demonstration which had already brought together one to two million demonstrators, according to estimates by the police or the CGT.

150,000 people on the street

Some 150,000 people marched on Saturday afternoon in Paris, according to the youth organizations initiating the demonstration. This figure was also taken up by La France insoumise, support of the demonstration, and other youth movements within the parties present in the procession.

The sequel after the ad

Two days earlier, another day of protest against pension reform had brought together between one and two million people across France, according to police or CGT estimates.

The stated objective of Saturday’s parade was to obtain a mobilization at least equal to that of the “march against the dear life” organized by the mélenchonistes and which had drained 140,000 participants according to the organizers, 30,000 according to the police.

The bill providing in particular for the decline in the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 must be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday.

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