Infotech Pension reform will be necessary after the crisis, says Le Maire

Pension reform will be necessary after the crisis, says Le Maire

After the crisis, it will be necessary to maintain public finances again, to repay the debt and to reform pensions, said the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire on Saturday.

“Reality dies hard and there are a number of things that must remain in our broad political guidelines”, the minister said on BFM TV.

“A debt can be repaid. Public finances must be well maintained ”, he stressed. “Today, we protect the French, we protect employees, we protect companies, but when the time comes, we will have to find public finances that are healthy. “

“A debt can be repaid”

Maintain a generous and efficient social protection system “At a cost”, “And if we want to collectively manage to pay for it without it weighing on the pensions of the French (…), we must all agree together to work more”, explained Bruno Le Maire.

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“Regarding work, it’s the same thing: we are (…) the developed country that works the least. And at the same time, we are the country which has the social protection system which is among the most generous. It is no longer tenable “, he continued, “And the French know it. “

Such a reform will have to be undertaken “As soon as the economic crisis is behind us”, he estimated. “When the economic machine starts up again, when growth returns, yes, it will take pension reform. “” A debt can be repaid “, he also affirmed whereas certain economists call for a cancellation of the public debt contracted to face the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

“When you borrow money (…), if you want people to continue to lend you money, you have to give them a guarantee, only one: you will reimburse them. “

“I certainly don’t want to be the Prime Minister of Finance who suddenly says + well our debt, we will not pay it back +”, he noted.

Waiting, “The French have nothing to worry about our ability to finance support measures”, assured the Minister of the Economy.

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