Infotech Pensions: should the special regime for senators be maintained? “We must be exemplary,” says Véran

Pensions: should the special regime for senators be maintained? “We must be exemplary,” says Véran

The special scheme for senators is one of the few special schemes spared by the pension reform. Invited to Franceinfo, government spokesman Olivier Véran recalled that it was not up to the government to decide on measures concerning parliamentarians, he highlighted the duty to‘exemplary’.

The reform would mark the disappearance of most of the special regimes, including those of the RATP, the electricity and gas industries and the Banque de France, the majority defending a principle “equity between regimes”.

The sequel after the ad

Some will however remain, such as those of sailors, lawyers, or even… senators. If the regime for deputies has been aligned with that of the public service since 2018, this is not the case for elected members of the upper house. They benefit from an independent pension fund, created in 1905, which allows after six years of mandate to a senator to receive a pension of nearly 2,200 euros net monthly – against 684.38 for deputies after a mandate, according to the National Assembly website.

RATP, notary clerks, Paris Opera… Which special regimes are abolished, which are spared

“The deputies have already decided that they would apply the pension reform to themselves. […] Under the separation of powers, the government cannot decide for deputies and senatorsunderlined Olivier Véran. We would need an organic law, which is not at all the same text, and therefore the most logical, the simplest, the most reasonable thing is for parliamentarians to decide, after the adoption of the law, to apply this scheme. »

However, he gave his personal opinion: “I think we have to be exemplary in every way, housed exactly like everyone else, that’s what the French will understand. »

A special diet in debate

Last week, the spokesperson for the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, Pierre-Henri Dumont, tabled an amendment aimed at “align the pension scheme” senators on “the common law system of the public service”. The amendment was declared inadmissible, since pension schemes for parliamentarians must be determined by the assembly concerned. MP LR had drawn the wrath of his own camp in the Senate, according to the Politico newsletter.

The sequel after the ad

“Mr. Dumont seems unaware that the system of senators is balanced while the Assembly must compensate for the very high deficit of his by the participation of the State which amounts each year to several tens of millions of euros”had reacted the senator LR of the Channel Philippe Bas, quoted by Politico.

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It is not “no question of stirring up a war between deputies and senators […] but to add more justice to this pension reformhad for his part defended Pierre-Henri Dumont in the columns of the “Figaro”. The deputies made the effort, why not the senators? »

The debate around the special regime for senators is not new, however: in 2019, the President LR of the Senate Gérard Larcher had already recalled that it is “of an autonomous scheme, which does not receive any specific subsidy” and who applies “the same parameters as those applicable to the general scheme”.

The rules applicable to the pensions of former senators are set by the office of the Senate. The decision is therefore up to the institution, not the government. As early as 2019, Gérard Larcher had “committed to seizing the office of the Senate so that the future pension reform is taken into account, once it is adopted, so that the pension plan for senators is adapted to it”.

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