Infotech Pensions: Stanislas Guerini criticized for a video defending the reform sent to civil servants

Pensions: Stanislas Guerini criticized for a video defending the reform sent to civil servants

It is an enamel that is controversial. Several public service unions, including the CGT, FO and Unsa, denounced this Friday, January 27 the sending of an email to the personal address of ” all “ public officials to defend the contested pension reform project.

The email, sent by the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP), consists of a message from the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service Stanislas Guerini to the agents. It contains a link to a video of about six minutes where it presents the measures of the reform, in particular those concerning civil servants. “We will preserve the specificities of your pension plan”he pleads in particular.

The sequel after the ad

“In the video, Stanislas Guerini speaks directly to the agents and explains the reform as if it had already been adopted as is in Parliament”testified to AFP Céline Verzeletti, co-secretary general of the CGT federal union of state unions.

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The email was sent to the private address that the agents provide information for their tax return and not on “their business address”according to the Unsa public service.

For the Force Ouvrière (FO) confederation, the Ministry of Public Service has “hijacked the purpose” the use of the e-mail addresses of citizens for the purposes of “political propaganda”.

FO declares having ” right away “ contacted the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) in order to “enforce the protection of the personal data of all agents”.

The sequel after the ad

The ministry defends “HR content”

Questioned by AFP, the ministry explained that “this video message is HR content [ressources humaines, NDLR] relaying information on their pensions to civil servants”. This video had already been posted on the ministry’s website, he added.

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The ministry assured that“no contact file transmission was made” between the DGFIP, which has the e-mail addresses communicated by public officials (professional and/or personal) for information on payroll in particular, and the ministry.

According to the same source, “this procedure has already been applied in the past, with for example the distribution of a letter to agents by the Ministry of Transformation and the Public Service on complementary social protection”.

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