Infotech PER, life insurance: transparency on costs, at last!

PER, life insurance: transparency on costs, at last!

Finally some good news about the management fees for your savings! Since 1er June, in fact, a marketplace agreement encourages insurers and distributors of life insurance contracts and retirement savings plans (PER) to transparently publish the costs borne by subscribers. From 1er July, the total cost of the units of account must appear in the pre-contractual information of the contracts. Finally, from 2023, savers will have access to the fees for each unit of account in the annual information documents.

Retirement savings plan: beware of bureaucratic blockages by insurers

We can salute these advances towards more transparency in the pricing of popular savings products, even if thought should be given to the presentation of this information so that it is readable and understandable by all. However, these documents alone will not solve the problems of the millions of savers who pay too much to save.

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