Infotech Personal training account: faced with the influx of transfers, the executive promises “flexibility”

Personal training account: faced with the influx of transfers, the executive promises “flexibility”

Pressure on those who wanted to transfer the rights acquired under the individual right to training (DIF) to their personal training account (CPF) at the last moment. The limit for this transfer was set for this Wednesday, June 30 at midnight, but since Tuesday, many Internet users have been confronted with multiple bugs on the dedicated site. The executive assured the “Parisian” that he would show “flexibility” for those who failed to transfer their hours before the deadline.

On Twitter, many dissatisfied Internet users expressed their frustration on Tuesday: “Unable to connect to it !!!! More than 3 hours to click without success ”,“ “Type of route” obligatory and no suggestion to click !! “. Between site unavailable, error messages and the impossibility of filling in certain mandatory fields, some found themselves in the technical inability to carry out their transfer.

Contacted by “the Parisian”, the Caisse des Dépôts indicates that the problem has been identified and that the technical teams are working to resolve it. If the connection capacities had been doubled, this was not sufficient in the face of the influx of Internet users.

The eight commandments for choosing the right continuing education

“The pace was 12,000 transfers per day until yesterday. Tuesday we had 100,000 over the day, we explain to the Ministry of Labor. It is not enough to register, you have to upload documents and there is a lot of data. […] We recorded 40,000 transfers this morning alone. “

The site still accessible for a few days

In the daily newspaper, the entourage of the Minister of Labor ensures that the executive “Will be flexible for all those who have failed to transfer DIF hours”. The service could therefore remain accessible several days after Wednesday evening.

Until 2014, full-time employees were credited with 20 hours of training per year. In 2015, the CPF took over from the DIF, and it is now supplied to the tune of 500 euros per year. The deadline for transferring DIF hours to the CPF (one hour equivalent to 15 euros), initially set for December 31, 2020, has been extended to June 30, 2021.

Moncompteformation: professional training, as simple as an app?

According to “the Parisian”, since the start of the transition to the CPF in euros, 6.33 million transfers have been recorded, for a value of 1,264 euros per account on average.

CPF, instructions for use

What if the training I am targeting costs more than what I have in my account?

If you are an employee, you will find a link on the application to request a “voluntary endowment from your company”. If you are a job seeker, you can directly request a contribution from your regional council … and from Pôle Emploi. Normally, if all goes well, your advisor will get back to you within five days! And if not, you click on the Pay Online button to pay the difference. Extremely simple!

What if my employer refuses to allow me to take the training I have chosen?

If this training takes place outside of your working hours, you do not need to request any authorization. If your training interferes with your working hours, you need the green light from your employer.

Continuing education: when the time comes for retraining

I want to do a long certification course, what are my rights?

This is a professional transition project (PTP, ex-CIF), which will allow you to progress or retrain, and you must obtain the agreement of your employer to be absent. The latter can refuse for the first time but you will be able to present your request to him nine months later and he will no longer be able to prohibit you. It is then up to you to have your PTP financed either by Transitions pro (ex-Fongecif), or by the skills development plan of your company.

If my CPF counter is at zero?

If you are an employee, be patient … Your meter is recharged each year at a rate of 500 euros per year, up to a total limit of 5,000 euros. If you are unemployed, you can still apply for Pôle emploi (this is new!) And request funding for training via the My training account app. Response within fifteen days.

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What to do with the remaining DIF hours?

Good news: the deadline for transferring DIF hours to the CPF account has been extended to June 30, 2021. Contact the company that employed you on December 31, 2014 so that they can issue you the certificate of your balance. Each hour that remains in your DIF has a value of 15 euros. This winter, some 12 billion were still sleeping in French DIF accounts.

Article taken from a dossier produced by Forum News Agency

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