Infotech Philippe Corrot, by Frédéric Mazzella: “He shows the way for competitive French tech”

Philippe Corrot, by Frédéric Mazzella: “He shows the way for competitive French tech”

Looks like Steve Jobs! That was my reaction when we first met. Dressed all in black, calm and precise, and above all an eternal perfectionist, like the Californian boss. Philippe Corrot, 44, CEO and co-founder of Mirakl, is not a product of French grandes écoles. Son, grandson and great-grandsons of traders, he traveled from odd job to odd job, from store to store, and tweaked all types of computers. Would he then have fallen into the “miracle potion”? Everything leads to believe it: after creating three start-ups, he launched a world leader in 2011.

Mirakl manufactures and sells “Online marketplaces”, these platforms that allow brands to put their customers in contact with outside salespeople. It arms the rivals of Amazon or Alibaba all over the world.

Small businesses are adapting: “Amazon, here we are! “

With us, he is the one who designed the marketplaces Carrefour, Galeries Lafayette or even Maisons du Monde. Large online stores that have allowed these brands to get through the crisis without leaving all their feathers there. “This is the only model that allows you to quickly adapt your offer to your customers’ expectations. With a marketplace, our customers can expand their ranges or increase their stock in eighteen hours, rather than eighteen months ”, he likes to repeat.

“Business creation is a collective sport”

You will understand that Corrot is an optimist, convinced that

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