Entrepreneur Pivot: now Worklife, Yoopies went from BtoC to BtoB

Pivot: now Worklife, Yoopies went from BtoC to BtoB

For some companies, the Covid-19 has been synonymous with opportunity. This is the case of Yoopies, a historical player in childcare, which over the years has transformed its model to adapt it to businesses. A transition that accelerated in 2020, the confinement having pushed the brand to refocus on BtoB. ” Our solution for companies was very successful during containment, while our BtoC activity was strongly impacted “, Explain Benjamin Suchar, founder of the start-up, renowned Worklife in November 2020.

Adapt to telework

AP-HP, La Poste, Biomérieux, Ubisoft, Hermès… There are many groups that have adopted dematerialized solutions during containment. Worklife brings together services to employees on one application: finding solutions for childcare, tutoring, sports coaches or even health professionals, as well as a payment card supporting restaurant vouchers, checks universal employment-service (Cesu) and transport tickets. ” Before, companies invested in premises, canteens and on-site services. Today, they need new solutions that adapt to teleworking », Emphasizes the entrepreneur.

Sustain the contracts of the crisis

Its challenge is to perpetuate the contracts of customers who often want ad hoc support, during or after confinement. “ We have transformed around 80% of contracts won during the first lockdown into long-term contracts, continues Benjamin Suchar. The abrupt end of BtoC with confinement was fully offset by the increase in our BtoB activity.

A turn that 65 employees of the group were very well received, especially since it was not brutal: the first business customers arrived in 2015. The various teams thus gradually learned to work with these demanding customers. ” We have evolved, but our end users have remained the same, as has our primary mission, which is to support the balance between private and professional life. », Underlines the founder. The investors of the company, which raised 4 million euros in 2017 from Runa Capital and Xange, have also followed this development ” with enthusiasm “.

Heading for Europe

While the brand does not intend to give up its historic childcare activity, its development ambitions are now focused on BtoB. And the future will come together internationally for Worklife, whose ambition is to become the leader in quality of life at work in Europe. Part of the team based in France is already dedicated to the activity in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. With one goal: to go from 700,000 users to more than 2 million by 2021.

Benjamin Suchar, founder of Worklife, formerly known as Yoopies.
– Worklife

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