Life Style Please Ganpati Bappa with these mantras

Please Ganpati Bappa with these mantras

Shri Ganesh Puja And Mantra on Wednesday : Wednesday is considered to be the day of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh ji is called Vighnaharta, meaning he is the one who is the destroyer of all sorrows and sufferings. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Ganesha on this day, all the obstacles are removed forever. It is told in religious texts that Lord Ganesha is invoked before any auspicious work. It is believed that worshiping Ganpati Bappa in truth leads to success in every work by removing the problems of life. can do.

  • After taking bath in the morning before sunrise, put on clean clothes and install the idol of Lord Ganesha in a copper vessel. After this, sit facing east at the place of worship. If this is not possible, then worshiping Lord Ganesha should be started by facing the north direction.
  • In worship, offer 5, 11 or 21 bales of Durva to Lord Ganesha. Always keep Durva on his head, never offer it at his feet. While offering it to Durva, chant this mantra in the right way, Idam Durvadalam Om Ganapataye Namah” By doing this, Ganesha is pleased quickly.
  • Shami is very dear to Ganesh ji, so offer some Shami leaves to Ganesh ji in worship. By doing this, wealth and happiness increase in the house.
  • Lord Ganesha is very fond of red vermilion. For the happiness of Ganesh ji, apply red vermilion tilak. After applying tilak, you should definitely apply vermilion tilak on your forehead too. By this the grace of Ganesh ji is obtained.
  • Offer rice to please Lord Ganesha. Do not offer dry rice to Ganesha. Wet the rice first then, ‘Idam Akshatam Om Ganpataye Namah’ Offer rice to Ganesh ji thrice while chanting the mantra.
  • Offer Modak to Lord Ganesha in worship because Modak is very dear to Lord Ganesha. Ganpati has a tooth, so he can eat it comfortably. By offering modak, Lord Ganesha becomes very happy and fulfills his wishes.
  • Light a lamp of desi ghee in the worship of Ganesh ji. By doing this, the grace of Ganesh ji will remain on you and your wishes will also be fulfilled.
  • On Wednesday, along with worshiping Ganpati ji, do aarti to him and then definitely read the text of Chalisa. By doing this, you get freedom from all kinds of sorrows.
  • Green is very much liked by Ganesha, so green clothes should be worn on Wednesdays. By doing this, Mercury becomes strong and their prestige and money crisis goes away.
  • Donate green moong dal, guava and copper items to eunuchs on Wednesday. According to Lal Kitab, donating to eunuchs gives auspicious effects of Mercury and increases wealth, business and education.

Chant these mantras on Wednesday
Which mantras are chanted on Wednesday to get rid of the troubles related to life-

If you want to get any special fruit, then chant this mantra of Ganesh ji:
Durva Karansah rittan provide mritmangal.
Aani Tantav is the home god for worship.

To eliminate the bad results of your past deeds, chant this mantra of Ganesh ji:
Om Ekadantay Vidmahe. Vakratundaya slow.
Tanno intellect Prachodayat.

To remove all the sorrows of life, chant this mantra of Ganesh ji:
Om Gloom Gauri son, Vakratunda, Ganapati Guru Ganesh.
Glam Ganapati, Riddhi husband, Siddhi husband, My tax away tribulations..

To get rid of financial crisis, chant this mantra of Ganesh ji:
Om Namo Ganapataye Kuber Yekadriko Fat Swaha.

Those who are unemployed and do not want to get employment, then chant this mantra of Ganesh ji:
Shri gam saubhyaya ganpatiye var varad sarvajanam mein vasmanaya swaha.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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