Auto «POER» in Kuwait … a modern «4×4» pickup

«POER» in Kuwait … a modern «4×4» pickup

“MAKFM Motors”, a subsidiary of Ali Alghanim and Sons Group, launched the “Power” brand (POER) for elegant and high-quality pick-up vehicles from the “Great Wall Motors” company in Kuwait.

The Chinese-rooted Power Company is one of the most advanced pick-up brands in terms of technology, and will redefine the stylish and modern pick-up segment in Kuwait with a remarkable and very distinct package of comfort features for the driver and passengers, in addition to exceptional safety and security features.

The “POER” sign symbolizes “Power”, “Off-Road” driving, “Enjoyable” and “Reliable” reliability.

These basic principles truly represent what this exciting new brand of modern and stylish pickup trucks means.

POER is the best way to achieve your exploration ambitions and exciting adventures, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort and safety for you and your family.

Unmatched comfort

POER offers a range of driver and passenger comfort features that distinguish it in its class, and the elegant two-tone leather interior, with hand-embroidered seats for the driver and front passenger, adds a luxurious touch to the passenger compartment.

The car can be accessed without a key and started with the push of a button, and it comes standard with Active Cruise Control, a semi-automatic driver assistance system, and surrounding cameras that provide a panoramic view.

The camera information is displayed on the 9-inch multi-touch infotainment screen, which also features stereo controls for the powerful 6-speaker sound system, and the Apple CarPlay system for easy connection to the iPhone, while a wireless smartphone charger was integrated into the The center console to facilitate charging.

A superior platform

POER vehicles are based on the new P71, the pinnacle of development from Great Wall Motors, a production system that is fully compliant with global safety and emissions standards, and has been designed with the goal of creating entirely smart products.

The vehicle is equipped with a DOHC twin-turbo engine from Great Wall Motors, which works with a carefully-tuned “ZF” eight-speed automatic transmission for smooth change in all driving conditions.

The intelligent torque-on-demand system “TOD” provides all-wheel drive with superior control over all terrains, ensuring that power is transmitted where it is most needed to enhance traction.

The vehicle has 3 options of driving modes: the normal mode for daily touring, the “Sport” mode for dynamic driving, and the “4L” mode for off-road and difficult roads that require additional power, giving the driver the ability to handle various driving conditions with complete confidence.

Exceptional performance combined with superior loading capacity makes POER the ideal pick-up truck for an adventure-rich lifestyle.

No bargaining

POER sets high standards in its approach to occupant safety and intelligent driver support systems. Lane Departure Warning and Front Collision Warning with emergency braking increase safety on the road, while airbags for the driver, front passenger and side curtains protect all passengers in case Any collision occurs.

And the vehicle guarantees excellent visibility after dark, thanks to the powerful Predator LED headlights, with daytime running feature.

And the price of “POER” vehicles in “MAKFM cars” showrooms starts from 6,500 dinars, with customers receiving a 5-year guarantee.

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