Top Stories Politicians: February 11th is a revolution of collective awareness and a new path of struggle that unites everyone to restore the state

Politicians: February 11th is a revolution of collective awareness and a new path of struggle that unites everyone to restore the state

The eleventh anniversary of the launch of the peaceful youth popular revolution, in which Yemeni youth came out, to realize their dream of building a civil state and preserving national gains.

As much as the dream and ambition were, the revolution’s purity, purity, and its peaceful, civilized character, since its inception, raised unifying national slogans and lofty goals, and its sons made great sacrifices for this, preserving its peaceful civilized character, and the people, the nation and its institutions.

The revolution reached the political track through the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, and its pioneers were the first to support this path, in order to preserve the country and state institutions, which necessarily leads to contributing to maintaining the security and stability of the region and the neighborhood, which was keen to reunite the Yemenis, leading to the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference Which formed another point of light, which represented a national consensus on building a national state that guarantees justice, equality, freedom and a decent life.

And when the Imami armies of darkness, represented by the terrorist Houthi militia affiliated with Iran, came out, directing their arrows of hatred to the points of light in Yemeni history, starting with the glorious mother revolutions of September 26 and October 14, and even the peaceful revolution of the people, but this time they returned burdened with dynastic grudges against the Yemeni people and their Arab national identity, Added to it the hatred of the Iranian project sponsoring these militias.

The February revolutionaries have been at the forefront of defenders of the homeland, the people and their republic, since the first bullet fired by the Houthi militia to the chests of Yemenis, targeting the state and identity, and they still set the most wonderful examples of sacrifice and redemption, in various fields of freedom and dignity, on the fronts through their involvement in the army. And popular resistance, or in the political and media fields, in the battle of Yemenis supported by the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the Houthi dark forces, to defeat the coup, restore the state and bury the malign project.

The youth of the revolution created a new path of struggle for February 11 that takes into account the variables and ensures the front line with the Houthi militia and behind it the Iranian project, uniting and not separating, so that all Yemenis can defeat the racist militia.

The February 11 revolution was a revolutionary line with sound procedures that did not confiscate anyone’s right, starting with revolutionary chanting and ending with the revolutionaries depositing their demands in the matrix of dialogue, the Gulf initiative and international settlement, then leaving the revolution’s field and evacuating it for legitimacy, which they are fighting today with all national forces to restore.

The creation of state values

The head of the media department in the Yemeni Socialist Party, Asaad Omar, says that the youth revolution created a comprehensive public awareness of the rights of citizenship and the nature of the desired state, and placed them at the popular level in the image of what the state was experiencing and the state of its wasted and rigid components.

In his interview with, he asserts that the revolution also revealed the nature of the imminent dangers that were not taken into account by those who took over the administration of the state.

Omar adds: “Because it was a popular revolution par excellence, it pushed the various components of society to go through the midst of the transformation that everyone aspired to achieve through their participation in the revolution.”

And he continues: “Despite the state of failure, it created in the public a belief in the values ​​of the civil state and citizenship, and revived the will to struggle for it.”

He called on the socialist leader to invoke the need of the state at this moment, and the need to restore its institutions, and to be aware that our battle for change is still continuing.

He stressed the importance of shifting in joint action with the various components in the face of the Houthi coup group and behind it Iran, stressing that there is no salvation from its control without the unity of all and the transition to the real battle.

He called on all components of the revolution, especially the main parties, foremost of which is Islah, to initiate a vision for a comprehensive solution and to gather the scattered components of legitimacy and all the forces facing the Houthi militia.

Unity of goals to face the Imamate

Head of the Media Department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform in Amanat Al-Asimah, Abdul Rahman Jahlan, asserts that the February 11 revolution contributed to the formation of a state of general national awareness among all components of society about the importance of freedom and a decent life and the need to defend national gains.

Jahlan added: “It has also succeeded in creating a solid relationship between society, its history and civilization and the glorious revolutions of September 26 and October 14.”

He believes that the state of national awareness created by the February revolution had the most prominent role in confronting the Houthi coup group and the project of the mullahs of Tehran and defending the republican system and national gains.

He continues, “We saw how the peasant, the academic, the tribesman, the son of the city, the southern and the northern side stood side by side in the face of the malicious ambitions of the hordes of the Imamate, which aimed to return Yemen to the dark and reactionary ages.”

Looking at the current stage, the head of the Islah media outlets in the capital secretariat points out that the state of public awareness shaped by the February revolution had a role in overcoming the past and points of disagreement, making concessions for the sake of the nation, and unifying the goal and efforts of all Yemenis of all orientations and affiliations against the Houthi militia and its financiers, the mullahs of Tehran.

With the advent of the 11th anniversary of the February Revolution, Jhelan stresses the importance of standing up to the events of the past years, and working to strengthen the points that unite all components that support the legitimacy of the National Army, which would contribute to resolving the national battle and purifying all the soil of the homeland from the Persian occupation and its local tools.

In the field of state restoration

The leader of the February revolution, Engineer Muhammad Al-Muhaimid, explains that the revolution was not a luxury after classifying Yemen at the beginning of the millennium as a failed state on the verge of collapse after the spread of injustice, corruption and wars, pointing to the youth’s peaceful exit to save Yemen and change the miserable reality, pointing to the regional support that the revolution received. An unprecedented and international outcome, the result of which was the Gulf initiative, after the region and the world understood Yemen’s need for change.

It is firmly believed that the Houthi gang’s coup against the outcomes of the February Revolution and the Gulf initiative with Iranian support, the peaceful youth revolution is not responsible for it, as the Houthi movement was established and supported decades ago.

Al-Muhaimid confirms that the youth came out hoping to repair the cracks in Greater Yemen and put out the fires caused by wrong policies for decades.

He added: “It is true that the February Revolution has not achieved its goals so far because the problems are great, but its youth for more than 7 years have made great and glorious sacrifices of lives and blood in an effort to eliminate these disasters, whether Imamate or regional.”

Al-Muhaimid does not hide his certainty that the February revolution and its goals and sacrifices will work to restore the state from the Houthi gang, which it kidnapped while heedlessly, and that the noble goals of the revolution are to ensure the building of a state of equal citizenship and a promising future for a decent life for all the people of Yemen, away from frontal sectarianism and regional dismemberment projects .

omnibus options

The leader of the peaceful youth revolution, Muhammad al-Qubeli, believes that the most important achievement of the February 11 revolution is the building of the state, awareness of freedom, and unifying popular choices.

He believes that everyone’s duty today is to direct public opinion intellectually, politically and in the media towards the Houthi militia, which overthrew the February revolution.

He stresses that the February youth must work to restore the state in various fields, whether intellectual and media fields, or in the field of military confrontation, on various fronts to confront the evil gang of the racist Imami Houthi militia.


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