Top Stories Politicians: The terrorist crime that targeted the government requires concerted efforts and the strengthening of the state’s presence

Politicians: The terrorist crime that targeted the government requires concerted efforts and the strengthening of the state’s presence

Politicians and media professionals emphasized that the terrorist crime that targeted the government while it arrived at Aden Airport confirms the necessity to implement the terms of the military and security aspect stipulated in the Riyadh Agreement to end the security chaos and for the government to be able to perform its duties to the fullest extent.

In statements to Sahwa Net, the politicians stressed the necessity of concerted efforts by everyone to enhance the chances of the state’s presence.

Dr. Muhammad Qizan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, told Al-Sahwa Net: We are facing a great event such as the return of the new government to Aden after the Riyadh Agreement, and in light of the war, the principle was that large and secret security measures are surrounded and hundreds of people are not allowed to gather in the airport lounge, hand over the plane and broadcast live because we are We are still at war with the Houthi militia, which has no hesitation in doing any criminal act to impede the government’s work.

He added, “Unless the security situation is arranged, chaos will remain in control of the situation, and this may lead to obstacles to the government in performing its duties and exercising its executive powers as the sole authority and achieving its program that outlined his general priorities for the President of the Republic in his meeting with it after the constitutional oath in Riyadh, which in the forefront is confrontation.” Economic challenges, stabilizing the currency rate, developing revenues, extending the prestige of the state, achieving security and stability, paying salaries to the army and state employees, providing services to people, and all of this will only happen in light of security stability.

Writer and political analyst Rashad Al-Sharabi pointed out that what happened at Aden airport is a full-fledged crime against humanity for targeting civilians and a civilian facility, and it reiterates that the perpetrators of a terrorist group seeks to achieve its political goals, regardless of the brutality of the tools used for this.

Al-Sharabi added in a statement to the Sahwa that the Houthi militia is a criminal terrorist group lurking in Aden and the government just as it is lurking in Taiz, Marib, Al-Dhalea, Shabwa, Hodeidah and others. Therefore, it was first assumed that those in charge of the reception and preparation process would realize that this group will seek in any way to thwart the joy of the Yemenis at the arrival of the new government that was formed with the purpose of Ending the differences, restoring state institutions and heading to the fronts to defeat the Houthi militia.

Al-Sharabi indicated that it was the first to complete the implementation of the security and military aspect of the Riyadh agreement, and the government would protect Aden and its residents and prevent the chaos that occurred at Aden airport and were the cause of increasing the number of victims, as well as taking precautionary measures and measures that prevent or reduce the scale of the disaster or crime.

Al-Sharabi stressed the need for the investigation committee set up by President Hadi to move seriously and announce to the public opinion what happened and who did it, what are the reasons, what measures were taken, and what measures are supposed to be taken in the future to prevent their recurrence, as well as holding accountable those responsible for Aden and the airport who were short of their work and giving the ministries of interior and defense the opportunity to carry out their supposed tasks to protect The interim capital and the liberated provinces, protecting citizens and providing them with security and stability.

Stressing the need for Aden to be under the control of the state’s security and local institutions and to transfer those military formations to the fronts to confront the Iranian Houthi militia, in conjunction with its integration into the framework of the ministries of interior and security according to well-known professional standards and a single national combat doctrine.

Khaled Al-Shoudary, head of the Gulf of Aden Media Foundation, told Al-Sahwa Net that there is no doubt that the terrorist attack that Aden International Airport was subjected to during the arrival of the new government aims to reconcile and close the legal ranks against the Houthi coup, and it also targets the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the leader of the Arab coalition that sponsored the Riyadh agreement to impose stability and security In the temporary capital and the return of state institutions to it.

Pointing out that the terrorist attack would not have succeeded had it not been for security gaps, laxity and weakness in the security-intelligence work to prevent the attack and thwart it before it happened.

This necessarily leads us to stress the need to implement all the provisions of the military and security aspect stipulated in the Riyadh Agreement to end the security chaos in Aden and to unify the formations under the leadership of the Ministries of Interior and Defense. Al-Choudary criticized allowing the crowded civilians to enter the airport runway, which exacerbated the numbers of victims and caused widespread chaos. After the attack, rescue operations were hampered.

Al-Choudary stressed that Aden, and throughout its long history, is a city that does not rule except to institutions and is handed over only to a state. Otherwise, the tragic scene we have witnessed is a clear indication of the need to restore state institutions and impose the prestige of order and law.

Al-Choudary cites the consequences of the absence of the state and the government in other files, such as (Corona) and the disaster of rains that struck the city and caused damage to infrastructure, lives, and the file of deteriorating services.

Shafia al-Abed said in his tweet: Far from the identity of the perpetrator, what happened in Aden airport was a terrorist crime that was targeting the head and staff of the legitimate Yemeni government, and civilians were killed.

Pointing out that this act calls for concerted efforts by all to enhance the opportunities for the presence of the state, because its absence is an appropriate climate for the emergence and development of groups of violence, hatred and terrorism.

Ambassador Ali Al-Amrani said in a tweet to him on Twitter: The correct response to the terrorist attack is to wrap the Yemenis around Yemen alone, to make Aden the capital of all Yemenis, to abandon the projects of dismantling and division, and to move to liberate Sanaa from the Houthi priesthood.

“If this had happened from the beginning, we would have saved a lot of Yemeni blood, lives and capabilities, and Sanaa would have been liberated from a long time ago,” he added.

Ahmed Othman, head of the media department for reform in Taiz, tells Al-Sahwa Net that targeting Aden airport is a great work and can only be implemented through a series of intelligence and technical capabilities that states possess, and it is a dangerous decision that reflects the extent of some forces’ annoyance about forming the government for fear of the stability of Aden as a capital leading the liberation war and restoration of the state .

He adds: Al-Houthi relies heavily on confusion, differences and instability in the legitimacy camp.

Othman affirms that the return and stability of the government represents a real nightmare for the Houthis, indicating that this targeting is directed at all Yemenis and all entities represented in the government that seek the federal state of Yemen.

The head of Al-Islah media in Taiz praised the government’s stance and steadfastness and its ability to overcome the shock and reach Aden and carry out its tasks between fire and danger.

Othman emphasized that from the terrorist operation was the killing of the largest possible number of ministers or returning them from where it came to end the existence of the government and the agreement and maintain chaos.

Pointing out that with the government’s arrival at Al-Maasheeq Palace and the resumption of its duties, the treacherous blow has fallen and the conspiracy has failed and will give opposite results to what I want for it.

And he added, “The ball is now in the range of the government and the coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to activate its role and enhance the citizen’s confidence in it, indicating that if the state had destined stability, it would knock on the doors of Sanaa airport today.”

Othman said that the government today must act with patriotic vigor and firmness as a single war government facing destructive plans that live on the differences of the parties to the legitimacy camp, and it must move as a rescue government for Yemen and embark on building and movement towards liberation.

He stressed that the liberation of the areas controlled by the Houthi militia is the necessary and necessary recipe that will solve all Yemen’s problems, and without them, the circulation will become in empty places and subjects that consume everything and absorb the sources of our people’s strength in favor of the unknown who opens the door to horrors not on Yemen but on the whole region.

And he adds, “The Persian sectarian project, unless it is met with precision, unity and a clear path in all its details, everything will serve as a black sectarian storm that is being formed driven by the hatred of history, revenge and the revolt of a greedy empire.”


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