Auto Porsche ambassador Walter Görl tries the new high-performance Cayenne model

Porsche ambassador Walter Görl tries the new high-performance Cayenne model

Walter Gürl drove the camouflaged concept of the powerful new Porsche Cayenne in a tough test, as the two-time world rally champion and brand ambassador cut several test laps in the super sports utility vehicle at the Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit.

Gurl described the dynamic driving level of the new Cayenne as a quantum leap on the road to development compared to any previous car, indicating that Porsche redefines the SUV category.

Walther Görle drove the new model with a modern exhaust system made of titanium with the exhaust pipes in the middle of the car, which makes a very distinctive sound, several laps at the Hockenheimring.

Describing his experience, he said, “The car remained exceptionally stable even when cornering at high speed, and gave me the highest levels of control during corners, and when you were driving it, you would feel as if you were driving a small sports car rather than a large sports vehicle.”

This comes at a time when the Cayenne, since its appearance in 2002, has provided the superior performance that characterizes Porsche cars with the great potential for diverse daily uses.

Even in the early years of its launch, the super-dynamic models included the first Cayenne Turbo S in 2006, which had an engine power of 521 metric horsepower (383 kW), and the GTS models, which have been enhancing their sportiness since 2007.

With the introduction of this new model, Porsche aims to once again confirm it as the most powerful performer in its class, by focusing on exceptional performance without compromising comfort and catering to everyday use.

The new model is currently undergoing final testing and improvements before entering the production line, and is based on the current Cayenne Turbo Coupe, while its design and development is primarily aimed at providing the highest levels of longitudinal and lateral dynamics.

In addition to a wide range of improvements and improvements to the vehicle’s chassis and control systems, the active roll-over prevention system integrated into the Porsche Chassis Dynamic Control system contributes significantly to the stability of the new Cayenne, through new performance settings.

“Porsche’s Dynamic Chassis Control system always maintains body balance and stability even when cornering at high speeds,” said test driver Lars Kern, who has witnessed the development of the new high-performance model from the start.

He added that the car’s handling and handling have been enhanced thanks to the completely re-developed front axle. “The front tires are now half an inch wider than the Cayenne Turbo Coupe, and the negative wheel angle has been increased by 0.45 degrees in order to enhance the contact area between the road and the 22-inch sports tires inch specially designed for this model.

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