Auto Porsche celebrates the launch of the Cayenne on April 18

Porsche celebrates the launch of the Cayenne on April 18

The right balance between digital and physical controls is a key feature of the Cayenne experience.
– Reconceptual display, controls and cockpit with an all-new design

Porsche has announced that it is presenting an innovative and groundbreaking concept for the display and controls of the new Cayenne, which will celebrate its world debut on April 18 at the Shanghai Motor Show in China.

The company pointed out that the new Porsche driving experience is characterized by a fully digital display, various customization capabilities, ease of use and control, and the design focuses primarily on the driver, as the most important controls are grouped around the steering wheel, providing a new and more enjoyable driving experience.

For sports car enthusiasts

And she showed that the new luxury cockpit takes inspiration from elements of the Taycan electric sports car and transfers them for the first time to a car with a fuel engine. Leadership.

She added that “Porsche” moved the gearshift lever for the automatic gearbox to the right of the steering wheel, providing ample space in the center console for the large air conditioning control unit in its modern black design, where the front passenger enjoys a new level of interaction with the car and driver via a display screen. The front passenger seat is optional.

Fun experience

The company stated that drivers and passengers will live an enjoyable experience with the all-new cockpit in the new Cayenne, as it combines an enhanced focus on the driver and new interactive elements that make the driving experience vibrant in an innovative way for the front passenger as well, as the instrument cluster is now a fully digital curved screen. Measuring 12.6 inches in a design that seems to float in the air and does not require a cover over it, which gives it an elegant modern look.

control tools

The company indicated that the appropriate balance between digital and physical controls is one of the main features of the new Porsche driving experience, and the important controls in the car gather directly around the steering wheel, as the engine start button in Porsche cars is usually located to the left of the steering wheel, The gearshift lever is now located to the right of the steering wheel between the instrument cluster and center display, freeing up space in the center console for the new large air-conditioning control panel with regular controls and more storage space. Place it directly on the steering wheel of the new Cayenne.

Steering wheel

The company noted that the origin of the new multifunctional sports steering wheel dates back to the 911 car and has been completely redesigned compared to the previous model, as it has become characterized by a sporty, modern and ultra-elegant design.

It stated that the button for selecting normal driving modes, Offroad, Sport, and Sport Plus are located directly on the steering wheel as standard equipment, and the new button for selecting functions and designing the instrument cluster is also located directly on the steering wheel, as well as buttons Control for the optional head-up display.

And it stated that the new air conditioner control panel located in the center console has an elegant glass surface and a black design, which gives it great elegance, and it is easy to control the air conditioner settings thanks to the prominent position of the control panel. a stamp

Luxurious athlete

Porsche stated that the Cayenne is the most sporty car in its class, and its cabin design reflects this sporty character as well, as it combines sportiness, dynamic functions, comfort, luxury and the well-known elegant Cayenne design.

Porsche introduces the new control concept in the Cayenne, with a simple and elegant design that enhances the width of the car, as the dashboard, center console and the upper part of the door mats come with a completely new design. The design of the instrument panel focuses on the horizontal axis, which enhances the spaciousness of the cabin.

She stated that the air-conditioning vents are distinguished by their elegant vertical design, which is usual in the Cayenne car, and Porsche has designed all the air-conditioning vents in the driver’s cabin without bars for the first time.

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