Auto “Porsche Symbols” returns November 26 and 27 with innovative activities

“Porsche Symbols” returns November 26 and 27 with innovative activities

The Porsche Symbols Festival returns this year for its second edition, to be held in Dubai Design District on November 26 and 27, to take its visitors on a safari-themed journey to celebrate the brand’s achievements in rallying, while highlighting many of its car clubs in the Middle East. .

More fans of the Porsche brand than last year are expected to visit this year’s festival, as the 17,000 square meter site awaits them with a variety of experiences and contemporary artwork from the most famous artists, famous food and beverage stores, in addition to The largest showroom for classic Porsche cars in the region.

Last year 17,000 visitors attended the festival and 1,000 Porsche cars participated in it, at a time when this year’s festival is expected to once again attract brand enthusiasts, car collectors, international and local car clubs and families, who are united by a passion for classic cars, art, music and new experiences. .

“We are pleased to announce the return of the Porsche Symbols Festival after the great success it achieved last year,” said Dr. Manfred Brunel, CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa. Last year was one of the largest car events that the region has ever seen, with more than 200 classic sports Porsche vehicles participating in it.

He continued, “The safari-based trips at this year’s festival will provide many interesting moments and experiences, and visitors will see some of the famous cars throughout our rich history to learn about its successes on the off-road and on the racetracks,” noting that it will be an exceptional festival in every sense of the word. and an ideal platform to celebrate the region’s classic cars, art and vehicle culture.

The family festival will include a series of celebrations of the company’s historical achievements, including the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Cayenne, the first SUV from Porsche, and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Porsche Design. across the region to celebrate the club’s 70th anniversary.

On the other hand, the latest addition to the Porsche range of cars will be presented for the first time in the region, occupying an advanced position and will be very popular among adventure enthusiasts in the Middle East and abroad. Providing enjoyable experiences for brand enthusiasts.

The new activities at the festival include areas for real and virtual driving experiences, so that the electronic motorsport arena will provide visitors with the opportunity to test their skills in racing with a Porsche car against other competitors, and there will be an off-road circuit for driving various Cayenne models.

The festival plaza will be divided into 5 areas, including an adventure camp: Visitors will be able to explore the passion for adventure at Porsche through a collection of driving demonstrations of the famous Porsche Museum cars, special modified cars off-road and rallying, with many driving experiences.

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