Auto Porsche Taycan is a link between the past, the present and the future

Porsche Taycan is a link between the past, the present and the future

Witness the dawn of a new era of glamor on all roads

– All cabin fittings are made from innovative recycled materials

The company highlighted the concept of sustainability on which its electric vehicle is based

A link between the past, the present and the future adds other lines to the successive stories. With this summary, anyone who has the opportunity to experience the fully electric Porsche Taycan can come out to inaugurate a new era in the history of the German brand.

Porsche Cars did not find the brand better than the Taycan to be a witness to the dawn of a new era of glamor on all roads. The hearts of those who tried it with its unparalleled strength, ability and security.

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Under the bright sunshine, and at the kind invitation of “Behbehani Motors – Porsche Center Kuwait”, the editor of “Al Rai” enjoyed the experience of the electric vehicle that comes with a wider range of capabilities, ranging from the dynamics of a sports car to the comfort of a touring car, while maintaining its impressive performance at the highest standards Preserving the environment and reducing pollution.

A quantum leap that surprises Porsche fans around the world, with the cockpit with its clear structure and completely new design, at a time when the Taycan is the first car from the brand with a leather-free cabin as an optional feature, which is available as an optional feature to customers as all its equipment is made of innovative recycled materials Rotating it, underlines the concept of sustainability that underpins this electric vehicle.

With its clear and clear design, the Taycan announces the dawn of a new era, while it includes an unmistakable Porsche DNA design package, and its structure is distinguished by the sporty roof line sloping backward, which the brand’s designers call the “flying line”.

Strong appearance typical of «Porsche» along with innovative elements such as the signature of «Porsche» integrated in the optical fiber glass on the lighting strip extended in the rear of the car.

In the interior design, Porsche restructured the classic design elements and moved them to the digital age. The upper and lower parts of the instrument panel extend across the entire width of the car in the form of a wing.

The arched and streamlined, compact instrument cluster forms the upper point of the instrument cluster and clearly highlights the driver’s axis.

The central infotainment screen of 10.9 inches was harmoniously combined with another optional screen for the front passenger to be like a glass strip with black optical fibers. The seats are also available with classic leather “OLEA” sustainable tanning, which uses olive leaves in its tanning, while the brand is available. For the first time, the car was requested to be equipped with completely leather-free upholstery.

The “Taycan Turbo S” version accelerates from stability to 100 km / h with an additional thrust of 560 kW or 761 hp, in combination with the launch control feature within 2.8 seconds, while the “Taycan Turbo” accelerates with a thrust of up to 500 km 680 horsepower in 3.2 seconds.

Taycan drivers can easily charge their cars at home up to 11 kilowatts using an AC charger. Drivers also benefit from the 800-volt technology built into the car. The car can be recharged in up to 5 minutes using a DC charger to provide Enough energy to reach a range of 100 km.

The battery can be charged if ideal conditions are provided by 5 to 80 percent within 22.5 minutes at high-voltage charging points «HPC» with a capacity of up to 270 kilowatts.

Innovative suspension systems

The suspension set-up system integrated into the Porsche 4D chassis control system analyzes and synchronizes all suspension systems in real time.

Among the innovative suspension group systems, the adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology stands out, including the Electronic Damper Control System (PASM), the Porsche Active Suspension Control system and the electromechanical balance of vibrations through the Porsche Sport Dynamic Body Control system. (Sport PDCC) including the Porsche Plus PTV torque vectoring system.

Distinctive features also include controlling all wheels using two electric motors and a regeneration system, while about 90 percent of daily braking operations are performed only by electric machines without activating the wheel brakes thanks to the Taycan’s high recovery capacity of 265 kW.

Pure electric propulsion

The Porsche Taycan was originally designed as a sports car based on pure electric propulsion. Engineers took advantage of the resulting spaces of freedom to achieve the maximum technological level derived from the concept car.

The low and central mounting position of the high-performance battery reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity significantly, and its installation has represented a fundamental point during the design of the chassis that includes a series of innovations.

The lower battery housing, made of aluminum, is part of the safety system in the “Taycan”, as it connects the battery to the body of the car with 28 screws, while the body of the car is completely covered with a layer of zinc from a mixture of materials with the two main materials, namely aluminum and steel.

Comprehensive safety

The protection system «Porsche» from side collision consists of elements of protection from side collision in the doors and pneumatic chest pads integrated into the side bolsters of the front seats.

The side protection system is complemented by side air curtains, such as the entire roof frame cover and the side glass, while the driver and front passenger are provided with classic full-size airbags and an airbag each.

The presence of a large number of comfort and assistance systems makes the Taycan safer, and it also makes navigation more comfortable, including the rear collision alert system that effectively warns of potential collision risk.

The ventilation outlets of the chip-free Taycan are under electrical control, and for the first time they are integrated with fully automatic control to operate the air conditioner.

An optional heat pump uses the waste heat from the power transmission to efficiently heat the car’s saloon, so the customer has a long-term benefit.

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