Infotech PowerZ, the dream of a truly educational video game

PowerZ, the dream of a truly educational video game

The goal is to do something impactful for society, to make this huge dream of revolutionizing education through video games a reality, but also to develop a business where everyone shares the fruits of their labor. Emmanuel Freund is a dreamer, socialist movement, idealist tendency.

This 44-year-old multi-entrepreneur has made a place for himself among the faces of French Tech for his previous creation, Shadow, a Next 40 start-up specializing in “cloud computing” (the use of the computing power of remotely), now in the bosom of OVH. In the end, I didn’t find myself in Shadow anymore. We had recruited too quickly, we no longer all shared the same values, and I no longer found the meaning of what we were doing. It must be said that I was in a period of questioning. “ He pursues :

“I was taking my 8 year old daughter to a private school under contract. She was living so badly in her CE1 in an establishment in a poor district of Paris that she was developing OCD [troubles obsessionnels compulsifs] and that his level was dropping. For the Parisian bobo gaucho that I am, it was hard to contravene my long-standing defense of public school, but I made up my mind anyway. The difference between his old class of 30 pupils without means, and that of ten rich children, that unsettled me.The day playing video games got cool

On this comes the first containment due to the pandemic. Emm

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