Life Style Prepare immunity booster power drink with mango and strawberry

Prepare immunity booster power drink with mango and strawberry

Make an immunity booster drink with mango and strawberry

1- First peel the mango and take out its pulp.
2- Now cut the strawberries into small pieces. 
3- Add a cup of water to both of them in a juicer jar at least Mix for at least 5 minutes.
4- Many people also like to drink smoothies made in this way.
5- You can add raisins or any number of dry fruits you like in the smoothie.
6- Your powerful immunity booster drink is ready. You can drink it for breakfast or even as a snack in the evening.
7- You can also prepare this drink for the guests coming to the house. 

Benefits of Mangoes and Strawberries

  • Mango and Strawberry are a good option among seasonal fruits to strengthen immunity.
  • Both these fruits are very good for your health. In summer, a drink made of mango and strawberry cools down your body.
  • Drinking this drink will make you feel energized for a long time.
  • Mango and Strawberry are also good sources of Vitamin C. Due to which immunity will also increase.

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