Top Stories Presidency of the Shura Council: The criminal acts on Marib constitute an explicit rejection of peace efforts

Presidency of the Shura Council: The criminal acts on Marib constitute an explicit rejection of peace efforts

The Presidency of the Shura Council considered the criminal act of Houthi militias bombing civilians in Marib as a major disregard for the efforts and initiatives made to bring about peace, its advocates and mediators.

In a statement, the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of, the commission confirmed that the criminal acts on Ma’rib and the rest of the regions of Yemen constitute a rejection of peace efforts and initiatives, and these crimes increase the human suffering of Yemenis, confirming that this human suffering is caused by the Houthi militia’s terrorism and rejection of peace. And not believing in it, it is only interested in serving Iran’s plans for hegemony and creating an unsafe atmosphere in the region.

The statement said, “The Presidency of the Shura Council has followed up on the brutal crimes carried out by the Houthi coup militia against civilians in Marib, while the international community is working with sincere efforts of brothers and friends to find opportunities for peace. The crimes of these militias continue to escalate and continue their aggression and targeting civilians with ballistic missiles and aircraft.” The booby-trapped march, which took place yesterday evening, Thursday, targeted a residential neighborhood in the center of Ma’rib, and this aggression led to the death and injury of 35 civilians, including women and children, and came a few days after the heinous crime by bombing the oil station, whose victims were the charred body of the girl Lian, which shook the conscience of humanity. “

The Presidency of the Shura Council valued all efforts that work to bring about a just and sustainable peace for the Yemeni people, stressing that the political appeasement of Iran and the terrorist Houthi militia pushes them to further terrorism and crime against the Yemeni people. It called on the international community and parliaments of the world to carry out their duties by stopping and condemning these acts. criminal.

The Presidency of the Council expressed its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs, wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded.


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