Top Stories President Hadi: Burning families and children in Marib with missiles and booby-traps will not establish peace

President Hadi: Burning families and children in Marib with missiles and booby-traps will not establish peace

President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, stressed that the blood of innocents is in successive events and the burning of families and children With rockets and booby-trapped militias, real peace will not be established as much as deepening the wounds and pain of our people by those militias that destroyed the state’s capabilities, smashed the social fabric and displaced its sons.

This came during a phone call he made This evening, a phone call was made to the Governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, to review the developments modes In the field, and to determine the outcome of the hostile criminal acts of the Iranian Houthi militia towards the defenseless and innocent people, according to what was reported by the Yemeni news agency “Saba”.

Hadi said, “The crimes against our Yemeni people in Ma’rib from the population and the displaced are from the crimes of the coup militias that continue to target them to continue killing civilians, destroying the necessities of life, and severing the threads of hope for peace and coexistence, for which we made many concessions in the various dialogue and peace stations.”

He added that At a time when the international community and sincere efforts of its brothers are working to find hope and opportunities for peace, the coup militias continue to escalate and claim innocent and safe lives, disregarding any efforts to spare Yemeni blood in order to continue its agenda and serve Iran’s destructive projects in the region.

The president valued steadfastness and determination children Marib, with all its sects and residents, to bury the dynastic project and its defeat on the walls of the republic, unity and steadfastness, saluting the sacrifices made and offered by the heroes in the military and security establishment, tribesmen and popular resistance in various locations and fronts, and standing firm and valiantly in defense of the republican system, unity, pride and dignity children The Yemeni people are facing the forces of rebellion and the coup of the Iranian Houthi militias towards our people, our homeland and our identity.

“These sacrifices will continue to be appreciated and cherished by all the Yemeni people who yearn for the modern federal civil state based on justice, equality and good governance,” he said, expressing his sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs, wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded and directing them to provide the necessary care and needs.

For his part, the Governor of Ma’rib expressed his gratitude for the president’s follow-up and interest in the reality of Ma’rib governorate with its various developments and events, as it is a fortress of steadfastness in the face of the Houthi Persian tide, who wants to achieve his victories and field gains, even if at all. shreds innocent From children Yemen, which does not care about their lives or their concern in continuing its arrogant aggression towards the displaced and the defenseless innocent and children And women, after the defeat of his ambition on the fronts, at the hands of the brave heroes of our Yemeni people, both an army and a resistance.

Al-Arada affirmed that everyone stood united behind his wise leadership and its comprehensive national project and confronting the Iranian Houthi militia, pointing to the high morale enjoyed by the heroes on various fronts and lines of contact.

Local and medical sources in the Marib governorate had confirmed that 8 civilians were killed and 27 wounded, in a preliminary outcome of the bombing launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist militia, on Thursday evening, on the city of Ma’rib.

This crime comes Hours after the funeral of the corpse of the girl Lian and her father, whose charred bodies were charred by the Houthi missile bombing that targeted the gas station at the weekend.

The terrorist Houthi militia continues to target civilian objects and displaced persons in Marib Governorate, amid human rights and international silence.


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