Infotech Products containing endocrine disruptors must be made public from 2022

Products containing endocrine disruptors must be made public from 2022

Starting next year, manufacturers of products containing substances classified as endocrine disruptors will have to “Make available to the public” information on the presence of these substances, according to a decree published this Wednesday, August 25 in the Official Journal.

This consumer information will be done through the online posting and “Open data” (data in public access and usable on the internet) of “The list of these products and the substances each of them contains”.

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Choosing a “Open format” will allow “Collaborative platforms to exploit this information and thus better inform the consumer”, explains the official text. This obligation, provided for by the anti-waste law of February 10, 2020, will therefore come into force on January 1, 2022.

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Medicines are excluded from the scope of the measure, but it applies in particular to toys, pesticides for agricultural, human or veterinary use, medical devices and cosmetics.

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The substances concerned are all those “Which the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) qualifies as proven, suspected or suspected endocrine disruption properties”.

Endocrine disruptors are molecules capable of interfering with our hormonal system, which can have harmful effects on the reproduction or development of children. For these reasons, pregnancy, infancy and adolescence represent “Exhibition windows” particularly sensitive, explains ANSES.

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The health agency identified in particular bisphenol A, bisphenol B and TNPP (a substance used as an antioxidant and stabilizer in plastics and rubbers) as “Endocrine disruptor for humans” and must evaluate dozens of other substances in the coming years.

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