Life Style Protect your hair from colors this Holi with these tips

Protect your hair from colors this Holi with these tips

Everyone waits for Holi for months, people celebrate this festival with great pomp. People have a lot of fun with color gulal in Holi, but this color and gulal cause a lot of trouble for everyone’s hair, these chemical colors cause hair damage and dryness. Some color is so deep that it takes hours to get rid of it, and the hair does not get good soon and it becomes weak. If you want to avoid these problems this Holi, then definitely do these measures.

coconut oil-
When it comes to hair, how can coconut oil be forgotten. The fatty acids, vitamins present in it are helpful in making the hair healthy and their growth good, besides making them shiny. Actually, these fatty acids work to nourish the hair. Massage coconut oil on Holi to protect hair from color damage. This oil will also not allow the color to sit on the hair and will also remove the color along with it during shampooing.

Olive oil with lemon
Even though the help of lemon is taken to remove the extra oil from the hair, but it will be good for you to use oil with it so that the stubborn colors of Holi are not harmed. Before playing Holi with colours, make a hair mask of lemon and olive oil and apply it on the hair. This mask made of olive oil will also strengthen the hair.

mustard oil-
To play Holi with colors, apply mustard oil in the hair an hour before. By doing this, the color falling on the hair will not be able to harm them. Actually, due to the oil on the hair, it will be able to observe the color. After shampooing the hair, the color will be easily removed. Mustard oil is very sticky, so use shampoo in the hair two to three times during this time.

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