Top Stories Protesters in Aden denounce the deteriorating living conditions

Protesters in Aden denounce the deteriorating living conditions

Dozens of citizens organized a protest march today, Monday, in the Tawahi district in the temporary capital, Aden, to protest the deterioration of the living and service situation in the governorate.

According to local sources who spoke to Al-Sahwa Net, the demonstrators chanted during the march that started this afternoon in front of the memorial in the Tawahi district.

The demonstrators also demanded the provision of basic services such as electricity, water, fuel, etc., in addition to improving living conditions, which were caused by the decline in the local currency exchange rate.

The Organizing Committee for popular protests in the city of Aden had called on the people to gather on Monday afternoon, and to gather in the Tawahi District to continue their protests.

This demonstration comes within the escalation program approved by the committee last week, after the transitional forces stormed the sit-in square in the Khormaksar district, which includes daily demonstrations and marches in various directorates of Aden governorate, with a demonstration in each directorate daily.

The city is experiencing a major decline in electricity and water service, a crisis in fuel, and an increase in the prices of basic food commodities. Because of the deterioration of the local currency.


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