Entrepreneur Public procurement: best practices from the startup Kiplin

Public procurement: best practices from the startup Kiplin

The AP-HP, the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, the central agency of social security organizations, but also the SNCF… Half of the turnover of Kiplin, a start-up created in 2015 publishing digital health games in Nantes, is made up of contracts signed with the public sector. However, it is not always easy to collaborate with large institutions. ” It is not necessarily a question of public or private but rather of size. The larger a company, the longer the processes », Nuance Vincent Tharreau, CEO of Kiplin.

# 1. Find the front door

For the leader, it is indeed necessary to count between 3 and 6 months minimum for the final signature of a contract. Nothing surprising in view of the obstacle course that this can represent. New service, Kiplin does not fit in the boxes of administrations. ” Our offers often went through the IT department at the beginning when it has nothing to do with what we do », Says the leader. We must then find the right path. ” These are often the internal prescribers who guide us and allow us to embark on the process », Continues Vincent Tharreau.

# 2. Find the decision-making contact

Once introduced, it is necessary to convince many interlocutors. ” Between the person expressing the need, the doctor or the department head, the lawyer who will review the contract, the DPO (Data protection officer, Editor’s note) who will check whether our solution respects the establishment’s data confidentiality policy, the person who will take the order or the one who will validate it, we can interact with 5 to 10 people ! », Explains Vincent Tharreau. For these interviews to be as productive and efficient as possible, it is best to the right alter ego in front of the interlocutor: sending a health engineer for an appointment with the lawyer is perhaps not a good idea!

# 3. Take your time to last

And be careful not to rush and rush your customers: “ If we arrive, we are a small box, saying that we want to go very quickly, we would be retorted that we do not know our customers », Considers Vincent Tharreau. However, in return for these particularly long deadlines, the company seeks to build lasting relationships. ” We can’t go for a ‘one shot’: we then try to sign agreements and contracts that commit us for two or three years, so as not to have to go through the whole process again. », Specifies the CEO of Kiplin.

Vincent Tharreau founded the start-up Kiplin in 2015.
– Kiplin

# 4. Control your growth

Patience is also needed for payments. ” We have no leverage to negotiate payment terms and the balance of power does not work in our favor », Considers Vincent Tharreau. An element to be integrated into a financing plan. ” We anticipate very long deadlines and we try to build a sufficiently solid cash flow, 3 to 6 months ahead of us, so as not to be put in difficulty. Which can be tricky because we are growing so we are always consuming more. We must then try to control its growth », Specifies Vincent Tharreau.

In order to reassure its customers, the young company seeks to offer some guarantees. After having obtained the “social utility solidarity enterprise” (ESUS) approval, Kiplin works at refund of its solution by the CPAM which it is considering within 3 to 5 years.

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