Life Style Pumpkin seeds are very beneficial, include this in your diet

Pumpkin seeds are very beneficial, include this in your diet

Include pumpkin seeds in your diet and get benefits: Pumpkin seeds have so many benefits and they are so healthy that they are kept in the category of superfoods. These small seeds are hidden in the store of nutrients inside them. Compared to other seeds, consuming them can be beneficial for your health in many ways. Know that in what forms you can include pumpkin in your diet.

As a salad dressing

Whether you are eating a salad of vegetables or fruits, by sprinkling pumpkin seeds on it, you will also get the benefit of them and the taste of the salad will also increase.

in smoothies

You can also use pumpkin seeds or its powder in fruits and milk or coconut milk. Add fresh seasonal fruits along with milk, some dry fruits, dates (for sweetness) and run it in the mixer and you can add seeds to it for crunch or add it to the powder smoothie.

Soup and Bread

Pumpkin seed dressing can be used in any type of soup, as well as adding a layer of seeds in the middle of butter or peanut butter in bread, both the taste and health of the food can be increased. The layer of pumpkin seeds also enhances the taste in green vegetable sandwiches.

You can also eat lightly roasted –

In this way, you can take advantage of pumpkin seeds by adding them in the form of dressing on top of any food or by mixing its powder in cookies etc. But if you do not understand any of these methods, then fry them on low flame and add black salt or taste lightly. Spices can be sprinkled and eaten.

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