Life Style Put desi ghee in the nose, health will get many benefits

Put desi ghee in the nose, health will get many benefits

Desi Ghee is one such thing which is definitely available in everyone’s kitchen. We also take it in our daily diet. Irrespective of the age, a spoonful of desi ghee in a day helps in making life much better and at the same time keeps our health very good. We use desi ghee in food. But do you know that there are many benefits of desi ghee. We can also take advantage of this by massaging and at the same time putting ghee in the nose also has great benefits. Let us tell you here what are the benefits of putting desi ghee in the nose.

Reason for putting ghee in noseIt is better to put ghee in the nose because it acts like a tonic for your brain. Let us tell you that the human brain is 60% fat and ghee also contains essential fatty acids. Which are important in providing nutrition. By doing this you infuse new life energy into the nervous system which also helps in increasing your concentration level, brain function. This also increases the learning capacity of your brain. Pure ghee is full of antibacterial and antiviral. This property of ghee helps in detoxifying all the internal organs above your neck.

How much ghee should be put in the nose and how?

You can also put drops one by one in the nose of a small child. If the child refuses to put ghee in the nose. In such a situation, by taking ghee in his finger, you can also apply it on his nostril. On the other hand, elders can put two drops of ghee in each nostril. It is good to put ghee in the nose on an empty stomach. You can do this work one hour before breakfast in the morning or in the evening or even while sleeping at night. You can put it in the nose. If it is warmed a little before putting it in the nose, then it will be much better. You can put it in your nose every night before sleeping.

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