Entrepreneur Qiti wants to become the Netflix of the insurance contract for expatriates

Qiti wants to become the Netflix of the insurance contract for expatriates

Without the health crisis, Qiti might never have seen the light of day. Insurance broker in Nice, Christophe Bremard had been interested in the expatriate market for several years, without finding the time to delve into the question. The confinement allowed him to discuss with his next-door neighbor, a specialist in the digitization of companies and artificial intelligence, who has now become his partner.

Their project: imagine a recommendation engine which, like a Netflix for series, would offer expatriate candidates the contract most suited to their profile, in a few clicks. Christophe Bremard saw it as an opportunity to “dust off” a sector not always at the cutting edge of innovation. Artificial intelligence is able to sift through thousands of contracts, an impossible task for a human.

Raise funds in 2022

Thus was born Qiti, a Mobile First recommendation engine aimed at the growing French expatriate market. Some 600,000 of our compatriots made the choice each year to leave France for at least three months and their number has now reached 3 million. In addition to the employees sent by their company abroad and to the students, there are now “digital nomads”, those employees or freelancers who choose to work, in one country or another, remotely.

The tool responds to a threefold logic, explains the broker: “It checks the adequacy of the contract, assesses the guarantees with regard to the geopolitical situation of the country and recommends, for each expatriate, personalized insurance at the best price. »The start-up is paid by a commission of 15% on the contracts taken out in matters of health, civil liability, repatriation assistance…

Launched in September, Qiti already has a hundred customers and, given the success of its model, will double its target initially set at one thousand in 2022, according to Christophe Bremard. Next year, it expects a fundraising of 1.5 million euros to diversify towards the target of foreigners coming to settle in France. He also wants to perfect his tool in order to be able, in the future, to recommend the best contract on the market in real time. Three recruitments are planned for January.

The service

Creation date : 202
1President : Christophe Bremard
Effective : 6 persons
Sector: assurance

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