Relationship Rainbow Kiss Meaning & How it is Done

Rainbow Kiss Meaning & How it is Done

Rainbow Kiss Meaning

If you have ever been attracted to a manstruating woman, you may be wondering if Rainbow kisses are for you. The kiss is a common part of sex, and it can be performed in many ways. Felching, or seduction by stealth, is one common method, as is Rainbow kissing. But how is this kiss actually done? Well, in this article, you will learn the definition of this kiss and how it is performed.

what is a rainbow kiss

Felching is an uncomfortable and sometimes uncomfortable practice of sexual intercourse. The individual who performs feltching reaches into a woman’s anus without her knowledge, sucking out semen and other fluids. The semen and fluids may be passed mouth-to-mouth or swallowed by the individual, which can be disgusting to the other person. Other names for feltching include snowballing and rainbow kiss.

A Rainbow Kiss means sex while on your period. While many people would shy away from this kind of intercourse, others find it a pleasurable experience. Sharing body fluids with your partner is an integral part of the rainbow kiss, and many people do it to create an extra layer of intimacy. This may sound gross, but it is part of the bonding process. It also brings a level of intimacy that you wouldn’t find with just any random stranger.

Rainbow Kiss Meaning & How it is Done

The Rainbow kiss is a climactic act requiring both partners to be at orgasm at the same time. Both partners must be willing to hold sperm and blood inside their mouths. This intense act requires a long-term relationship and good timing. Here are some tips to help you make the experience more exciting. A woman’s menstrual cycle can also affect the timing of the Rainbow kiss.

The Rainbow Kiss is a unique experience. During your period, you might be unable to have sex because of bleeding. However, if you are able to get sex during your period, you can take advantage of the experience. Sharing semen and bodily fluids with your partner builds intimacy. You will also have to rely on your partner to be sufficiently fluid, a highly personal experience.

There are several health risks associated with the Rainbow Kiss. Since blood contains a wide variety of infectious pathogens, including syphilis, gonorrhoea, and hepatitis, a rainbow kiss can promote the transmission of a number of diseases. Some of these risks are not life threatening, but they are worth knowing about. Listed below are some of the common complications caused by rainbow kissing.

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