Life Style Ram Naam Kali is the giver of opinion.. In Kaliyuga, this name of Ram is going to give desired results.

Ram Naam Kali is the giver of opinion.. In Kaliyuga, this name of Ram is going to give desired results.

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas: Tulsi Das ji, while telling the glory of the name, also said that even the worst like me has become pure. The glory of the name is greater than that of Rama himself. Tulsi Baba has told in a very beautiful way whatever Shrinarad ji has. All kinds of things are attained by chanting the name of Ram. Let us understand this in detail –

Name Prasad Sambhu Abinasi.
Saju amangal mangal rasi.
Suk Sanakadi Siddha Muni Jogi.
Naam Prasad Brahmasukh Bhogi.

Lord Shiva is imperishable by the name’s offerings, and even though he is inauspicious, he is the zodiac sign of Mars. Shukdev ji and Sanakadi enjoy Brahmanand by offerings in the name of Siddhas, Munis, Yogis.

Narada Jaaneu Naam Pratapu.
Jag dear Hari Hari dear you.
Namu Japat Prabhu Keenh Prasadu.
Bhagat Siromani bhe Prahladoo .

Narad ji has known Pratap by name. Hari is dear to the whole world, Hari is dear to everyone and you Shri Narad ji is dear to both Hari and Har. Lord pleased with the chanting of the name, due to which the devotees of Prahlad became beheaded.

Dhruvam Sagalani Japeu Hari Nao.
Payu Achal Anupam Thaon ..
Sumiri Pawansut Pavan Namu.
Do your bus Rakhe Ramu .

Dhruva ji, being saddened by the words of the mother with guilt, chanted the name of Hari with a positive spirit and by his majesty attained the immovable unique place, Dhruva Lok. By remembering the holy name, Hanuman ji has kept Shri Ram under his control.

But Ajamilu Gaju Ganikau.
Bhai Mukut Hari Naam Prabhau.
Where did you get your name?
Ramu na sakhin naam sung.

The lowly Ajamil, Gaja and the courtesan also became free from the influence of Srihari’s name. To what extent can I praise the name, even Ram cannot sing the praises of the name.

Kalpataru Kali Kalyan Nivasu to Namu Ram.
The one who sumirat bhayo bhang te tulsi tulsildasu.

In Kaliyuga, the name of Rama, Kalpataru, the giver of the desired substance and the abode of welfare, is the house of liberation, by remembering which the inferior Tulsi Das became as pure as Tulsi.

Chahun Jug Teeni Kaal Tihun Loka.
Bhai naam japi jiva bisoka.
Bad old saint matt ahu.
Gross Sukrit Phal Ram Sanehu.

It is not only about Kali Yuga, in all the four ages, in all the three periods and in all the three worlds, by chanting the name, the living beings have become mourn-free. The opinion of Vedas, Puranas and saints is that the fruit of all virtues is to have love in Shri Ramji or in the name of Ram.

Give the first jug makhbidhi for meditation.
Worship Lord Dwapar Paritoshat.
Kali only mal original Malina.
Papa Payonidhi Jan Man Meena.

In the first Satya Yuga, by meditation, in the second Treta Yuga, by performing Yagya and by worshiping in Dwapara, the Lord is pleased, but Kali Yuga is only the root and filth of sin, in this the mind of men is made a fish in the sea of ​​sin, that is, never to be separated from sin. I don’t want it, meditation, yagya and worship cannot be done by this.

Name Kamatru Kaal Karala.
Sumirat Saman Sakal Jag Jala.
Ram Naam Kali is the giver of opinion.
Hint Parlok Lok Pitu Mata.

In the period of such a fierce Kali Yuga, the name itself is Kalpavriksha, which is going to destroy all the webs of the world as soon as it is remembered. In Kaliyuga, this name of Ram is the one who gives desired results, is the best beneficiary of the hereafter and is the parent of this world, that is, gives the supreme abode of God in the hereafter and maintains and protects in all respects like the parents in this world. ?

Neither Kali Karam nor Bhagati Bibeku.
Ram Naam Avalamban Eku.
Kalnemi Kali Kapat Nidhanu.
Name Sumati Samarth Hanumanu.

In Kaliyuga, there is neither karma, nor devotion, nor knowledge; The name of Ram is the only basis. Ramnaam is the only intelligent and capable Shri Hanuman ji for the Kalnemi in the form of Kaliyuga, the mine of deceit.

Ram Naam Narakesari Kanakkasipu Kalikal.
Japak Jan Prahlad Jimm Palih Dali Surasal..

Ram Naam is Shri Nrisimha Bhagwan, Kaliyuga is Hiranya Kashipu and those who chant are like Prahlad, this Ram Naam will protect those who chant by killing Kaliyuga, the enemy of the gods.

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Ram Naam glory is above Nirguna and Saguna chanting of Ram Naam removes all sorrows

Mihin kusankat hohin sukhari⁠, the trouble is overcome by chanting the name of Ram for the sad devotees in trouble.


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