Life Style Rath Yatra will come out on this day, know why Lord Jagannath is dear to Khichdi

Rath Yatra will come out on this day, know why Lord Jagannath is dear to Khichdi

Lord Jagannath Bhog: The world famous Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra will leave on 1 July 2022. Devotees come not only from the country but also from abroad to see it. The glory of Lord Jagannath is such that the sins of life are washed away just by looking at his chariot. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu settled on the four dhams, he first went to Badrinath and took a bath there, after that he went to Dwarka in Gujarat and changed clothes there. After Dwarka, he had lunch at Puri in Odisha and finally rested at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. Jagannathji loves khichdi. A story has been told behind this, let us know.

Devotee used to love God like a son

Karma Bai was an ardent devotee of Lord Jagannath, she like her son, Karma Bai was a very old woman but did not forget to offer Lord Jagannath every day. One day he thought that instead of sweets and fruits, Lord Jagannath should be offered Prasad made with his own hands. But there was doubt in his mind whether he would like him or not.

Such khichdi is the favorite enjoyment of Jagannathji.

Lord Jagannath knew the desire of Karma Bai and himself appeared in front of her and said that she was hungry. Karma Bai made quick khichdi. Lord Jagannath ate it with great fervor and told Karma Bai that I have liked it very much, from now on he will come to eat khichdi every day. One day a Mahatma came to Karmabai and said that without bathing one should not start worshiping and offering bhog. The next day Karmabai made khichdi after taking a bath but it got delayed. Then God arrived, and said, hurry up mother, the doors of the temple will open. Jagannath ji hurriedly ran towards the temple after eating khichdi, but he was left with a stigma on his face.

After the devotee left, the priest made khichdi

Opening the doors of the temple, the priest saw that the mouth of Lord Jagannath was covered with khichdi. When the priest learned the reason for this from the Lord, the Lord told everything. One day Karmabai died. The priest saw that tears were flowing from Lord Jagannath’s eyes. On being asked by the priest, God told him the matter and said that now who will feed me khichdi daily. On this the priest himself promised to feed khichdi daily. Since then there is a tradition of offering Khichdi to Jagannath ji.

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