Infotech Real estate: credit rates have increased, not yet soared

Real estate: credit rates have increased, not yet soared

A year ago, mortgage rates had never been so low: nearly 1% on average for a loan over twenty years. And then 2022 saw the return of inflation, the war in Ukraine, and the soaring of the rates that the States must pay to borrow funds on the financial markets. In one year, the rate of 10-year French government bonds, the OAT, which serves as a benchmark for the mortgage market, rose from 0.5% to 3%. However, despite this surge, mortgage rates remain attractive, below 3%, and therefore still represent an opportunity for investors.

Real estate: renting and buying at the same time

That individuals can borrow at a lower rate than the state is an unprecedented situation for nearly twenty years. But banks wishing to keep a credit activity have no choice. It is indeed necessary that their rates of credits granted, costs and insurance included, do not exceed the limit authorized by the Banque de France.

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