Infotech Reconfinement: an Alsatian shopkeeper goes on hunger strike to save her shop

Reconfinement: an Alsatian shopkeeper goes on hunger strike to save her shop

“I am in mourning …” A ready-to-wear merchant from Blotzheim in the Haut-Rhin has gone on hunger strike to obtain, if not the “Reopening of local shops”, at least “Stopping the sale of non-essential items by supermarkets”, she explained this Saturday, October 31 to AFP.

“I am in mourning for my store and for all the local businesses which have already gone out of business after the first confinement”, said Véronique Weingarten who started her movement on Thursday.

Reconfinement: local elected officials are leading the rebellion for the opening of more local shops

Manager of the only women’s ready-to-wear store in Blotzheim, a town of some 4,500 inhabitants, she symbolically dressed in black.“Ideally, I want to be able to reopen our business like all local businesses. You can’t catch the virus here any more than in a large supermarket. It is even rather the reverse. “Fnac is closing its book section, bookstores are blowing (a little)

A bed in its window “to sleep in front of people”

Véronique Weingarten wishes at least that, as for books, the government prohibits “The sale in supermarkets of non-essential products”. She explains that she made her decision on Wednesday evening, “Just after Emmanuel Macron’s speech”. “I had to act. I didn’t want to be a little sheep ”, she says.

Since Friday, the shopkeeper has taken up a position in front of her shop. She also installed a bed in her window “To sleep in front of people in order to show (s) determination”.

Véronique Weingarten in her store in Blotzheim, Alsace, on October 31.

After the first confinement which made him “Lose 120,000 euros”, the second, “It’s the key under the door”, she assures, “I took out a loan of 100,000 euros […] that will have to be reimbursed “.

“The first confinement, we were put to sleep. We were promised aid that was not kept. Nothing had been said and yet the supermarkets were already selling non-essential items. It is not possible to accept this a second time. “

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