Life Style Reconnect the broken makeup product in these ways, makeup will be like new

Reconnect the broken makeup product in these ways, makeup will be like new

A good makeup helps you to look beautiful and attractive among people. Be it a wedding party or a normal day, we all do light makeup. But you must have seen that in the meantime many of our makeup products like face powder, eyeshadow palette or lipstick get broken, after which you are not able to use those products. If you throw them away, instead of throwing them away, add these products in these ways and use them again. Let’s know the way.

Add lipstick like this- Often many people’s lipstick breaks. In such a situation, instead of throwing away your broken lipstick, you can fix it, so that it can be used again. To attach the lipstick, take a paper and place the broken lipstick on it. After this, burn the broken part of the lipstick with the help of match or lighter. Then add the lipstick to the other end ie the base. After doing this, keep it in the fridge for a day. Your broken lipstick will be right back. This way you can add your own lip balm or lipstick or create a new lipstick.

Add face powder like this- Your face makeup powder is one such item which breaks easily. In such a situation, it can be very difficult to fix it. If your face powder, eyeshadow palette, blush and highlighters are broken, then to fix it, scrape off all the powder and put it in a small bowl. After this, with the help of a spoon, put some drops of water or drops of alcohol in a new container. Mix it well and set it. After this, put pressure on it with a cotton cloth in the container. By doing this your broken makeup powder will look brand new.

Add eyeliner like this- Once the gel eyeliner breaks, it can get ruined. In such a situation, to use it again, keep it in the microwave for 15 minutes, it will look like a brand new one.

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