Entrepreneur Reduce the environmental footprint and invest

Reduce the environmental footprint and invest

Before the health crisis, our brands, Fartools, Peugeot and Mejix, were already on a good dynamic. The March containment made us fear a sudden stop: at such times, when you are an SME, you fear for your survival. We refocused on the fundamentals of our business by asking ourselves the essential questions: which countries have closed? Which ones can we continue to deliver? Which customers can we go to?

On the one hand, we have sought to broaden the typology and number of buyers and, on the other hand, we have asked our field teams to create or maintain a link with them, whether in physical or by videoconference. or by phone. In France, we were fortunate to be able to resume our activity after a few weeks of interruption: our customers, DIY brands such as Leroy Merlin, Monsieur Bricolage or Bricomarché, have been authorized to remain open.

# 1. Engage in the CSR policy

The launch of a CSR policy was on the agenda for 2020, but circumstances forced us to delay it in order to focus on the survival of our companies. This year, it will be one of our priorities: we want to reduce our environmental footprint by limiting the volume of packaging in cardboard or plastic. We are not starting from scratch: individuals can get spare parts for our tools on our website to repair theirs without throwing everything away. This action is directly linked to the fight against waste. We have set up sorting bins internally and employees have been made aware. But we want to go further by setting specific goals this year.

# 2. External growth on the agenda?

Our LBO (Leveraged Buy-Out) with Crédit Mutuel Equity is coming to an end. We already have a free hand to consider an acquisition and grow our group. We are attentive to the acquisition opportunities of a company, whether the latter has activities similar to ours or whether it is more complementary. The important thing is to stay in the world of making yourself and the house. We can acquire a company that the founder would like to sell in order to retire or another which would have difficulties and which would like to lean against a company that can integrate an additional volume of activity. Although we are more specifically monitoring opportunities in France, if a European issue proves interesting, we will look into it. All the signals are green to integrate an activity allowing us to amplify our growth.

Pierre Bertrand (left) and Christophe Hurel (right), co-founders of the Sigma group.
– Sigma Group

# 3. Invest and innovate

We will maintain the investment in the stock, an essential value for 2021, and capitalize on our market share. Our objective is to continue to ensure that our service rate is above 97% while increasing our turnover. In addition, we wish to maintain product innovation. For example, we will continue to watch social networks and video platforms: on these, many people express the need for a product or hijack a tool. This has already inspired us in the past!

Sigma Group in brief

Creation: Far Group created in 1991 and taken over in 2009. Peugeot Outillage created in 1810 and taken over in 2012. Founders: Christophe Hurel (51 years old) and Pierre Bertrand (49 years old). Turnover: 23.9 million turnover in 2021. Workforce: 46 in France and 10 people in Shanghai. Headquarters: Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (two establishments) and Shanghai.

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