Top Stories Reform and Yemeni state building aspirations and witnesses of civilization

Reform and Yemeni state building aspirations and witnesses of civilization

For a long time, the Yemeni Rally for Reform and its positions on state issues remained a field for media and political research and debate for Yemeni and international research centers, some of which tried to present it in a different way.

Most of those who investigated the different stages of reform bet that Islah is a party that belongs to Yemen and its future, and that it comes as a distinctive national addition to public life and the Yemeni state project.

They based their wager on the fact that reform was distinguished when formed by an organizational and intellectual structure that deals with contemporary requirements, and deals with transformations and changes with great realism, and does not see the existence of the state any alternative.

Here, we do not forget that some at the time of establishment had bet that the intellectual structure of reform at that time lacked the factors of continuity, stability and development in the field of issues related to the state.

However, the chart of reform performance since its establishment on the thirteenth of September 1990 AD, which went through difficult stages and junctures, was an ascending and developing line towards the best in all matters relating to the state, and it proved coherence and rationality from various cross-cutting national issues, and the reform was able to achieve qualitative leaps in its speech The political and intellectual within its frameworks and with the other; It was also one of the first national movements to adopt a declared and written political and struggle program that adheres to the state, democracy and political pluralism.

The facts confirmed the size of his national contributions and the enormity of his sacrifices in order to defend the state’s project, preserve its institutions, adhere to its constitution and laws, support its army and security, and strengthen Yemen’s relationship with its brotherly neighbors in the Gulf.

Although reform has conducted many activities for more than 3 decades and was present in various political stations, it did not record a single position or a single incident that hinders the state’s project and its construction or harms its existence and security.

In what follows, we present in some detail the aspirations and visions of reform for the concept of the state and its building, based on its various literature and publications, foremost of which are the statute, the political program, the statements of its public conferences and the written projects that it previously submitted to address the worsening situation, and to prevent Yemen from reaching the Houthi militia’s coup against the state and legitimacy, and entering into Aton war has been going on for 6 years.

Building a state of institutions and law

From the very beginning of its inception, Islah presented itself as a national project that “bears yearnings to build a state of institutions and civilized witnesses, and aims to present a new civilized model and build a society that practices thinking, diligence, creativity, discussion, dialogue, freedom, consultation, acculturation, renewal and change in light of the goals of knowledge of revelation and the reference of Islamic values ​​in the Qur’an and Sunnah. In it, the government is a just, consultative government, in which human dignity is preserved from abuse and harm, and in it the foundations of building based on effective modern management distinguished by integrity, honesty, competence and experience as a tool for fighting the battle of construction, reconstruction, development and achieving economic well-being “according to the political program.

A state that raises the authority of society and does not degrade individuals

The Yemeni Rally for Reform has defined its vision of the modern state, its foundations, components, frameworks, and duties since its establishment. It believes that “the state is a social necessity and a necessary legal means, whose goal is to extend justice and take care of the interests of citizens. The authority has a responsible social function that everyone should bear. Every individual is responsible for it and is accountable as it is an important tool of society for development.” Social achievement in the service of its common goals and the strengthening of its civilizational and human balance within the international environment, its political and legal system embodying the values ​​of truth, freedom, justice and consultation, and it guarantees human rights and preserves its dignity, and under it the authority and primacy of society is achieved so that power emerges from its free will, which is exercised by those in charge of it with the authority of the people and they exercise it according to principles And the rules that represent the constants achieved in it by general consensus, and they have loyalty and obedience to the extent of their commitment to those constants, their submission to them and their integrity to them – obey me what you obeyed God in you – they are the right of a state of institutions whose personality does not interfere with the rulers’ persons, according to his political program.

The vision focuses on the state of institutions that elevate the status of the group and does not blind the individual to his right, or withhold him from fulfilling the role assigned to him, raises the authority of society and does not degrade people, but rather prompts them to act to contribute to the general achievement and the achievement of common goals and objectives, as it is a state It does not retain itself and submerges itself in its internal concerns only, but transcends borders and strengthens the nation’s civilizational and human balance, by improving its performance and good behavior, providing a good example in politics, good governance and respecting the noble human principles.

The state is an extension of society

The just and democratic state is basically an extension of society, and an attached part not separated from it. It has its permanent presence and its structural interaction with society, its interests and hopes; Do not tweet outside the flock, or drown in the resort of self-rotation and personal and sectarian ambitions, so you turn into a fierce opponent of the nation, plundering his goods, suppressing his freedom, confiscating his dignity, falsifying his will and making him a vehicle for the fulfillment of its despicable desires.

The reform vision for these dimensions states that “there must be a formula to achieve the optimal image of community solidarity and the interaction of its elements with its institutions, because in this case the state is nothing but an organic extension of them, an expression of themselves and an organization of their will, and it is not an entity separate from them or facing them, a state that exercises A mediating role that achieves the interests of the individual and the group and maintains the balance of society and the state “according to the political program.


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