Top Stories Reform of the Capital Municipality organizes a Ramadan evening and blesses the alignment of the national forces against the coup

Reform of the Capital Municipality organizes a Ramadan evening and blesses the alignment of the national forces against the coup

The Executive Office of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform in the Capital Municipality organized a Ramadan evening, which was attended by a number of the leadership of the local authority in the Municipality, and some of the managers of the executive offices.

After the breakfast, the Secretary-General of the Executive Office for Reform, Abdul Aziz Mansour, blessed the process of uniting the republican rank and uniting the Yemenis in the face of the Houthi coup militia, pointing out the importance of this in the battle to restore the state and end the coup.

Mansour welcomed the First Undersecretary of the Capital Municipality, Abdulaziz Al-Jarf, and all executive office managers, explaining that Ramadan is an opportunity to renew the spirit of brotherhood and affection.

Mansour affirmed that reform will remain a tributary of the state, defending the nation’s goals, calling for freedom and dignity, and rejecting fanaticism in all its dynastic, sectarian, and even partisan colors, continuing on its path, upholding the unifying national interest in all events.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Capital Municipality, Abdul Majeed Al-Jarf, praised the role of the Islah party and its national stances during the last period, stressing that the local authority is ready to work with all political components to serve the Yemenis’ battle against the trails of the Imamate.

Al-Jarf made it clear in his speech that unifying the leadership ranks of all political components should be reflected on those components in the field, explaining the importance of unifying the republican ranks as a strategic step that will positively reflect on the battle to restore the state.

For his part, Dr. Abdul-Khaleq Al-Samdah, Head of the Political Department of the Islah Party in the Capital Secretariat, stressed the importance of working together to end the Houthi coup, restore the state and its institutions, bless the unification of national forces, and end the differences and rivalries between them.

The evening witnessed a discussion focused on the conditions of citizens in the Capital Municipality, the violations and crimes committed by the militia against them, the opportunities available to alleviate their suffering, and opportunities to activate the role of executive offices to serve the people of the Capital Municipality in the areas of displacement.


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