Entrepreneur ReLyfe raises 40 million to improve its universal health passport

ReLyfe raises 40 million to improve its universal health passport

A name change, symbol of a second stage of life. This is what the Reims start-up InnovHealth has just announced at the end ofa series A fundraising of 40 million euros, carried out thanks to the Franco-American fund Forepont Capital Partners, specialist in medical technologies. On this occasion, the young company, creator of the PassCare universal health passport, was renamed ReLyfe.

Because the opening of the capital was accompanied by theacquisition of a start-up from the Forepont portfolio, in this case the New York company BeCareLink, specialized in the prediction of neurodegenerative diseases by digital therapy (DTx), based on artificial intelligence. The new set, valued ” up to 75 million euros », According to the doctor Adnan El Bakri, founder of InnovHealth, brings together around thirty employees.

International take-off

Carried out with Forepont, the operation should mark the real take-off of the Reims company at the international level. After four years and 1.5 million euros devoted to R&D of its concept, ReLyfe indeed started marketing PassCare at the start of 2021. This software allows the patient to store medical data and thus open access to his history to any practitioner, wherever he is in the world.

This tool meets the need for physicians to have reliable and complete information, while allowing them to easily share documents or imagery », He specifies. R&D will benefit from 30% of funds raised to further refine PassCare and BeCareLink solutions. Another important part will be devoted to the commercial development of the company, particularly internationally, in Europe and the United States.

By 2022, ReLyfe plans to recruit 70 people, most of whom will be based in Paris, although the company retains its Reims site. According to Adnan El Bakri, the milestone of 100 employees will therefore be crossed in a year and the threshold of 100 million euros in turnover within five years. Ultimately, the goal is to transform the company into an international leader in medical data, reaching one billion euros in valuation.


Creation date : 2016

President : Adnan El Bakri

Amount: 40 million euros

Effective : 30 people

Sector: Medtech

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