Infotech Rental investment, the best strategy for building up assets

Rental investment, the best strategy for building up assets

With the exception of gambling gains, wealth creation has two sources: inheritance and labor income. However, we regret that the legacy is supplanting savings. For equal work, we create less wealth than our parents or our grandparents. It must be said that the great periods of inflation (1974-1985), and until 2008 on the real estate market, greatly favored this enrichment by the fruit of labor.

10 rules to optimize the management of your assets

So what can be done today to build up a wealth? Obviously, the match between life insurance and real estate turns to the advantage of stone. With 200 euros of monthly savings for twenty years and at a rate of 3% interest per year, life insurance contracts make it possible to build up a capital of 68,000 euros This is not negligible, but it does not dream! The same 200 euros per month – corresponding to the difference between the repayment of a loan and the collection of a rent – generate a real estate capital gain.

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