Technology REPLAY – Will AI replace us? The Franceinfo Talk debate

REPLAY – Will AI replace us? The Franceinfo Talk debate



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ChatGPT, a new online conversational agent, has been in the headlines for several weeks. Between almost perfect mastery of human languages, logical reasoning but also inconsistencies and fake news: should we fear artificial intelligence? This is the subject of Talk franceinfo. Every evening from 6 p.m., Manon Mella and her guests debate with Internet users on the franceinfo Twitch channel.

Created in 2020 by the Open AI company and available on our computers for only a few weeks, ChatGPT3 raises ethical questions, concerns and fantasies. Indeed, this conversational agent based on advanced artificial intelligence surprises us and can sometimes scare us. This robot, which may seem to have the answer to everything, raises certain political, ethical and philosophical questions. Why do the intellectual capacities of virtual tools fascinate us so much? Is artificial intelligence really smart?

Laurence Devillers, specialist in human-computer interactions, professor of computer science at Paris-Sorbonne University and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, professor at the Faculty of Science at Sorbonne University, president of the CNRS ethics committee are in the Talk for discuss it.

ChatGPT, a revolution?

ChatGPT was designed to simulate human conversations. The software can both give precise answers to questions but in addition, allows you to refine your answers, to correct yourself. The particularity of such a tool is not so much its capacity as its openness. Indeed, ChatGPT was designed by Open AI to be accessible to everyone.

The great accessibility of ChatGPT is the element that questions researchers and digital specialists about the need for regulation at school, in journalism or even in the field of artistic creation, for example.

Join us from 6 p.m. Monday to Friday on the franceinfo Twitch channel to participate in Manon Mella’s Talk. An hour of exchange, clarification, debate around topical and social issues.

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