Life Style Research claims, Omicron variant of Corona spreads 70 times faster than Delta

Research claims, Omicron variant of Corona spreads 70 times faster than Delta

Omicron Variant: There is an atmosphere of panic in the whole world regarding the new variant of Corona. In just a few days of its discovery, the Omicron variant has spread to more than 77 countries. Along with this, the World Health Organization has told that it can happen in other countries, but in many countries it has not been caught yet. Let us tell you that this variant has been first found in South Africa. Since the discovery of this variant, most people agree that this variant is highly contagious. But, so far experts are not able to tell much about how deadly it is. But, in the meantime, Hong Kong University has done a study on the new variant of Corona, Omicron. Some surprising things have come to the fore in this research. This research gives some relief as well as scares.

Research conducted at the University of Hong Kong has shown that this variant spreads 70 times faster than the variant delta of the corona and is highly contagious. But, it does not cause as much damage to the lungs as the delta variant does. In this Hong Kong research, claims have been made on the basis of data given by doctors. In this research, it has been found that mild symptoms are seen in the person infected with this variant. But, with this it is also 70 times more contagious. It affects the lungs 10 times less. This reduces the risk of death.

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Protect yourself in this way-
If you are eligible to get the vaccine, then get the vaccine as soon as possible.
-Keep yourself away from crowded places.
If it is very important to go out, then go out only by wearing a mask.
If you see symptoms of infection, get a corona test done.
If you have come to know about the infection, then isolate yourself from other people.

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