Entrepreneur Retired employees to compensate for the lack of manpower

Retired employees to compensate for the lack of manpower

“Eighteen months ago, when I prospected companies with my profiles, they said to me: ‘Do you want to put someone 58 years old? But you’re kidding!’ And today, they come to see me. » Jean-Emmanuel Rouxthe founder of TeePyJob, a job platform dedicated to the over 50s, can’t believe it.

In one year, he who initially intended his network to help craftsmen in need of skilled labor and won very small catering and construction companies as clients, even saw the arrival among his advertisers of ETIs and large groups. To counter the absence of a candidate, companies, such as the RATP very recently, offer their retirees the opportunity to play extensions on fixed-term contracts, but others are betting boldly on the pool of retirees to run their business.

Additional income

To broach the subject, Didier Brumpt-Froissardwhich runs near Lyon The Froissard Establishments, a small engraving and signage SME (annual turnover of 600,000 euros) goes straight to the point: “I cannot generate large salaries, I pay the minimum wage and I find it difficult to hire on permanent contracts, explains- he. Retirees who are struggling to make ends meet and are returning to the labor market to supplement their pensions are happy to come to work. They find a status and their motivation has nothing to do with that of the youngest”, continues the small boss who has recruited, out of his dozen employees, 5 seniors in technical and administrative positions.

At TeePyJob, Jean-Emmanuel Roux also sees these retirees ready to sign for additional income. 60% of its members have not completed their retirement, 40% are aspirants to combined employment and retirement. As a reminder, the average net amount of pensions in France is less than 1,400 euros.

Accumulation of employment and pensions

“5 million people will retire between 2022 and 2030 and 1 out of 2 plans to remain active,” rejoices Jean-Emmanuel Roux. The trend should not be reversed: a consensus is emerging on the question of allowing workers in combined employment and retirement to acquire additional rights – which is not the case today. This is in particular one of the counterparts of the reform envisaged by the candidate-president Emmanuel Macron.

Faced with the lack of manpower, when will there be “special retiree” recruitment campaigns like those we have seen for young people? Signs of specialized distribution and fast food, who want to have teams resembling their customers, would study the question to respond to their daily or weekly activity peaks, with caution. The forced labor of retirees due to insufficient pensions is a highly inflammable subject for companies. Last year in the United States, a TikTok video of an elderly McDonald’s employee doing outdoor cleaning sparked a wave of emotion on social networks.

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