Infotech Rise in the minimum wage, pensions… What increased on January 1 and which will do good for your wallet

Rise in the minimum wage, pensions… What increased on January 1 and which will do good for your wallet

Between the rise in the minimum wage, the extension of the tariff shield or the increase in the rate of remuneration of the PEL, several measures have come into force since 1er January 2023.

• The minimum wage increases by 24 euros

The minimum growth wage (smic) is automatically increased by 1.8% due to the rise in prices. It increases to 1,353 euros net monthly, an increase of 24 euros. Gross, for a full-time 35-hour week, the monthly minimum wage rises to 1,709 euros and the hourly minimum wage to 11.27 euros.

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In the civil service, the salaries of the 410,000 lowest paid agents are also increased by 1.8%.

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• Extension of the tariff shield for energy prices

The increase in gas and electricity prices is limited to 15% thanks to the extension of the tariff shield put in place by the government. Concretely, for households that heat with gas, the bill should increase by 25 euros per month, against 200 euros without a tariff shield, according to the site For those who heat themselves with electricity, the increase is 20 euros per month, against 180 euros without help.

The limit on price increases is greater than that applied so far: it was only 4% in 2022. It will, however, concern “all households, condominiums, social housing, small businesses and the smallest municipalities”.

• Increase in the PEL remuneration rate

For the first time in twenty-two years, the rate of return on housing savings plans (PEL) will increase in 2023 to reach 2%, against 1% today. However, this measure only concerns PELs opened from 1er January 2023.

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This increase is based on a recommendation from the Governor of the Banque de France based on changes in market rates.

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• Meal voucher value increases

The maximum unit value of the restaurant ticket is reduced from 11.84 euros to 13 euros. An employer will therefore now be able to pay up to 2,900 euros per year in restaurant tickets to each employee, according to calculations by BFMTV.

• Increase in the telework allowance for civil servants

The amount of the flat-rate telework allowance for agents of the three public services (State, territorial and hospital), as well as magistrates, is increased from 220 euros per year to 253.44 euros per year.

• New revaluation of retirement pensions

The basic amount of retirement pensions increases by 0.8%. This revaluation is part of the social security finance bill for 2023 and is in addition to the two increases already established in 2022: +1.1% in January and +4% in September to cope with inflation.

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This increase should affect around 14 million retirees, whose retirement pensions depend on the CNAV, CNAVPL, SRE and ASPA.

• The upgraded apprenticeship bonus

The premium for hiring apprentices will be 6,000 euros in 2023 for a minor as for an adult under 30 years old. Currently, this aid is 5,000 euros for a minor, 8,000 euros for an adult.

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