Business Road to recovery from Laminectomy Surgery

Road to recovery from Laminectomy Surgery

Road to recovery from Laminectomy Surgery

Several factors can slow down or expedite your recovery rate from Lumbar Laminectomy surgery; age, general health, and fitness level to name a few. However, there are some steps you can follow to recover faster and safely from Laminectomy surgery.

  1. Physical Therapy

Staying in touch with a professional physical therapist after your Laminectomy surgery is very much recommended. It helps in the early identification of any post-surgical complications. The therapist will also prescribe you a couple of exercises according to your physical condition. These exercises will help you recover faster while being safe. Therapeutic exercises also help with relieving pain and overall improvement of body mobility.

  1. Incision Care

Patients are recommended to be careful while swimming, bathing, walking, and performing any activity that could put stress on the incised wound. Negligence can make the situation extremely worse and in some situations, patients might need to undergo additional surgical procedures. Until fully healed, perform physical activities under the supervision of a professional.

  1. Modification in Physical Activities

Modification in physical activities refers to changing the way you move around to perform your routine activities. You can use different grab and reach tools to pick up things from the floor or an elevated area. Similarly, there are tools available that can aid you in bathing so you do not have to bend your back and avoid potential injuries.

  1. Pain management 

Post-surgery pain can be uncomfortable and must be managed for a comfortable recovery from Lumbar Laminectomy surgery. There are different ways of reducing and managing pain after surgery;

  • You can take painkillers prescribed by your doctor in the recommended quantity 
  • Doctors also suggest eating healthy and digestive food. Catching flu or any other disease that could make you cough or suffer from constipation can be a potential threat to your wounded part.
  • Using stool-softeners are also recommended so not to push any unnecessary strain on your body
  1. General Wellness

These things are often ignored but they are very important in terms of getting fully recovered from the surgery. These include getting proper sleep, eating healthy, minor recommended exercises, talking to family and friends in case you need support, and being patient. Keeping a positive attitude and fighting spirits are also very important for the body to recover sooner.

What to Expect?

  • If everything goes right, staples and stitches are removed within two weeks
  • Most people start driving after their stitches are removed. However, be careful, don’t drive under the influence of painkillers.
  • For complete recovery, it can take up to 5-7 weeks depending upon the physical condition and general health of the person

Get Professional Help

Here at Southern California Brain and Spine Surgery, Dr. Moksha Ranasinghe provides professional healthcare services to patients recovering from Laminectomy surgery and other related medical treatments. You can schedule an appointment by visiting the website or calling at (213) 369-4583. You can rely on her to make your process of recovery comfortable and quick.

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