Entrepreneur Rosobren turns reeds into bioplastic

Rosobren turns reeds into bioplastic

“The reed is an abundant raw material at the edge of ponds and bodies of water that the owners leave to rot, send to waste disposal centers or burn, as in the Camargue. We worked on its valuation”, summarizes Sébastien Illovic, founder of Adev, a consulting firm specializing in environmental audits which has just launched Rosobren. It is a bioplastic which owes its name to Brenne, known as the land of a thousand ponds, between Le Blanc and Châteauroux (Indre).

The engineer patented this biosourced polymer in 2020 after several years of R&D carried out in collaboration with Valagro, a structure from the materials laboratory of the University of Poitiers (Vienne), and Fibers Research-Development of the Troyes technology park (Aube ).

1.3 million euros invested

Rosobren, which is now a separate company, has commissioned a processing workshop in Pouligny-Saint-Pierre (Indre). The natural material arrives roughly crushed, from all over France, to be micronized according to different diameters, “then we add natural additives to this powder which transform the dry material into bioplastic”, explains Sébastien Illovic. The raw material is ready to be injected or thermoformed.

Since the launch of the project in 2011, Adev and Rosobren have mobilized nearly 1.3 million euros, “mainly from equity”, he underlines. Supported by the community of communes of Le Blanc for the building of the workshop, it received aid from Bpifrance and the Center-Val de Loire Regional Council for the development.

The company is also renovating a former brickyard in Le Blanc, to have its own premises by the first half of 2023. “We are setting up a fab lab there to imagine other applications”, foresees Sébastien Illovic, whose product is of interest to users. 3D printer.

“The health crisis has slowed down the marketing of Rosobren but has increased expressions of interest,” remarks Sébastien Illovic, who obtained the EN 71-3 toy standard in December 2021. “This industry has not yet switched to bio-based . The wooden toy cannot replace all petro-based plastic toys,” he believes. Since its launch, this bioplastic has won over the glasses manufacturer Greenfib, for the Ecouter Voir mutualist network, as well as the Drôme manufacturer Agrinichoirs.


Creation date : 2019
President : Sebastien Illovic
Effective : 4 people
Sector: materials

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