Technology Russia suspends Soyuz rocket launches from Guyana

Russia suspends Soyuz rocket launches from Guyana

The war between Russia and Ukraine and its unexpected consequences in Guyana. Russia suspends Soyuz rocket launches from Kourou space base. It also recalls its technical staff, in reaction to the sanctions of the European Union against Moscow, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What arouse the concern of the president of the territorial community, Gabriel Serville at the microphone Guyana the 1st of Lyndi Nédan.

Will the arrival of the Novavax vaccine really “change the game” in terms of vaccination in the West Indies? This new vaccine without messenger RNA should prove to be more “acceptable” for opponents of vaccination, that is in any case the hope of the authorities, but if we are to believe these few Guadeloupeans interviewed by Pascal Pétrine, this is not is not won yet!

Guadeloupe, like Martinique, announced this week the postponement of the entry into force of the vaccine pass until March 28. While in the Pacific, New Caledonia repealed the vaccination obligation on Thursday, in force on the territory since last September. The measure taken to fight against the Covid-19, last September, aroused strong opposition on the Caillou.

We end in Guyana, with the “Gabrielle” who will retire! The “Gabrielle” is the ferry that crossed the Maroni River every day to connect Saint-Laurent, in French Guiana, to Albina, in Suriname.

After more than four decades of good and loyal service, the boat will be replaced by the “Malani”, a brand new ship. Reporting by Terence Moy.
Guyana where the weather remains rainy, while bad weather has already caused material damage to Cayenne in recent days.

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