Top Stories Safer Company official: The risk of the tanker is stopped, depends on its immediate discharge of oil

Safer Company official: The risk of the tanker is stopped, depends on its immediate discharge of oil

SAFER has warned of the “light” maintenance of the tanker in the Red Sea, because it has been in a dangerous situation for a long time, and will remain in danger even after the visit of the UN team, stressing that stopping the danger depends on its immediate unloading of oil.

A senior official in the company confirmed that “they were formally informed of the intention to work on evaluation and light maintenance. But he did not specify who informed his company, which is owned by the Yemeni government, but he asked about the dimensions and limits of” light “maintenance, saying:” Did they clearly agree with the Houthis on its definition, or is it that This point will be the subject of future controversy, before or during the visit? “, According to what Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.

He warned that the tanker was in danger and that danger would continue as long as crude oil remained on board.

He added: “Regarding the (extent) of bearing the tanker, we are in danger for a long time, and we will remain in danger after visiting the team, which means that the risk will not be affected by two months or more or less, as the disaster can happen at any moment and the arrival of the team will not stop it or not. … What will stop the danger is emptying the floating tank of its content, except for that it is considered details for which we cannot find a justification. ”

For years, the Houthi militia managed to prevent any UN access to the dilapidated tanker, in order to maintain it and avoid the disaster of more than a million barrels of oil leaking into the water.

The United Nations expected that its technical team to assess and maintain the tanker “Safer” would arrive in early February or at the end of January, according to a spokesman for the Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric. To the reservoir, and logistical plans. “


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